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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And Yet More Dimorat Draft Lies

Ah, the Blogosphere. I was checking out the adored Sondra K at Knowledge is Power and she had a helpful link to The Cool Blue Blog who has been on this BS tale for a while. He also adds Max Clealand, Howie Dean and even one of the BILLS FUCKING SPONSORS Jim McDermott to the list of lying dimorat goat-defilers spreading this filthy lie:

Howard Dean and Max Clealand are propgating the lie. If one were of a mind to be generous, one could allow that perhaps Howard and Max don't know who sponsored these bills.
However, as I blogged here, the same can not be said for Rep Jim McDermott who is both propogating the lie and a sponsor of the House bill.
How is it possible for anyone to trust a party that believes, as obviously the Democratic Party (as an institution) does, that winning by any means possible is justifiable?
The party of JFK and FDR has long ago left the building.



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