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Saturday, September 18, 2004

AWOL Edwards

The beloved Betsy has a post today about the missing would-be Veep:

Bob Novak notes that John Edwards is turning down invitations to appear on Sunday talk shows. That is odd since he was supposed to be such a plus for the Kerry campaign a couple of months ago. Novak hypothesizes that Kerry doesn't want Edwards overshadowing him. I doubt that is the reason. If he'd really been concerned about that, he wouldn't have picked Edwards in the first place. Could it be that they realize all the questions Edwards would get about things Kerry has said and Kerry's record and the campaign has no answer for those questions? Better have reporters whine about not getting answers than providing such answers on TV to be played over and over again.

While I think her argument has obvious merit, there is also the looming question of Edwards service. What did Edwards do vis a vis service? A quick google search pulled up this from Newsmax:

In April, NBC "Today Show" host Katie Couric asked him where he was during Vietnam. The exchange went like this:

COURIC: Your military service, before we go?

EDWARDS: I - I did not serve in the military.

COURIC: You had a high lottery number, is that right?

EDWARDS: I did, and I came after - after the time that they were actually drafting from the lottery, Katie. I'm 50 years old. And because at the time I came along and graduated from high school and then - and then went to college, I was not drafted. [END OF EXCERPT]

A high lottery number? Not exactly. Pulling number 178 in the February 1972 Selective Service lottery drawing, Edwards' number was lower than more than half of those picked.

And what about the claim that he "came after the time that they were actually drafting from the lottery."

That's not strictly true either. The year Edwards became eligible for the draft, the military drafted 49,514 men, according to Selective Service records - tapping draftees who had lottery numbers as high as 95. The draft was abolished in July 1973.

Since Edwards clearly avoided service, how could he help the "Bush is AWOL" fantasy the dimorats so love?


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