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Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Bins

Well, I missed the majority of Fox News Sunday as it was time for the daily trek to The Bins. Fellow Portlandians may know of this little slice of the inferno, others can only dream. The bins, or the Goodwill Outlet Store to those not in the know is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is a huge, filthy, cavernous dead end for all the crap Goodwill sells.Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

This is where all junk goes for its' last hurrah, its' last moment to shine. But liberally sprinkled in are other goods which for one reason or another either never made it to the real stores or did but got the boot.

The bins are a true multicultural scene, lots of Russkies, Latinos and assorteds. It also has a large number of local dealers in vintage and antique cloths and stuff as you can make amazing finds among the trash. Today was pretty dullsville but I managed to score 2 pairs of Dickies work pants, unworn, a supercool old 50/50 t-shirt in a great green with "Toby's Lawn Service" printed on it, a strange ochre-ish colored cashmere sweater, an old wrought iron candle sconce and a green wire easel, all for $6.50...Ya can't beat it! Everything is sold by weight-$1.59 per pound for under 20 lbs, .99 for 20-50 lbs and .59 for over 50 lbs. I combo with a vintage clothing store owning pal and we always get between 20 to 50 pounds, so cheap cheap cheap is the word. Now I will ponder my new treasures, be back to blogging in a few.


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