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Monday, September 13, 2004

Climate of Pathetic Tantrums

The mighty Instapundit brings a great bit of linkage to Man Without Qualities and his tales of demo defacement and the real "Climate of Fear." Man Without Qs pretty much nails my experiences--Here in damp Portland, Oregon I can certainly attest to his facts. Every political or even socially conservative (pro-Bush 1 & Bush 2, NRA Membership) bumper sticker I've ever had, EVERY ONE, has been scratched, defaced, peeled off. I had one sticker reading "Buy American Beef" with a screaming eagle and flag festooning it, granted bought only to piss off liberal vegan anti-American assholes, shredded. I find it all funny as hell, hence my actually putting stickers on my various trucks and beaters over the years just to annoy. But seriously, folks, when is the last time--no matter how good it would have felt--you keyed a new Volvo with a "BUSHITLER" sticker? Damn, I get annoyed with "Straight But Not Narrow" stickers on Subaru Outbacks, but I keep my mitts off!


At September 13, 2004 at 3:30 PM, Blogger 11238 said...

It's frustrating that people allow themselves to do such silly things as defacing a bumper sticker. Reactionary antics like that prevent honest discussion, open dialogue, real searches for truth. * sigh *


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