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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Deface the Nation

OLD Bob Scheifer is permitting that jackass Holbrook (sp) all the room he needs to spew all his demo talking points on Iraq, yawn. Yeah, yeah...We did it all wrong, no plan for peace, over 1000 dead..zz...zzzzz....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Kerry's "plan" isn't even brought up by old Bob (maybe he too cannot state what it is), so never you mind that. Oh good, now Bob is noting the lack of international International I presume he means France and Germany, but that's so many darn words! Old Bob did get around to mentioning Kerry's claim that we would be calling up troops post-election and let it get batted down right quick but OH MAN, yawn, yawn, yawn.

Old Bob just brought up all Bush's negatives--the "quagmire" in Iraq, the "faltering(???)" economy, etc-- and wondered how HOW he could still be ahead 9 points in the CBS poll...He threw in a tiny problem with kerry not having any stand on anything, but quickly buried that under all the great plans the kerry folk are devising to remedy his man's problems. He also managed to sputter a few choice liberal inanities about how kerry being somehow so tied to Vietnam is problematic as we as a nation "just want to forget." Skillfully, old Bob managed to continue his total blackout on the Swifties, naturally. Ugh. The whole show gets a D.


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