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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Demos, the Draft and Lies

I had a discussion with a woman today about the coming Bush Landslide, er I mean, Election, and she was undecided. We discussed various issues and she still seemed apprehensive, so I asked what her number 1 concern about Bush was (as even she admitted that kerry had no meaningful, coherent stand on anything). "The draft," she stated. When I asked her what she meant, she said she had a 20 year old son, and had heard that Bush was considering a reinstitution of the draft.

Being blogocentric, I knew I had just seen something blogged about the issue, and the fact that the Repubs were standing in the way of a couple of dimorat sponsored bills. I told her to hit this blog this evening and that I would have the info...

I got home and started looking around for the info, which on my 56K dial-up (and by 56k I mean 2 cans with string) and ancient computer (and by computer I mean abacus with pictures) I figured it would be a bit painstaking. I decided to procrastinate a bit and read some favs...First up I went to the ever brilliant Betsy's Page and lo and behold:

bill ... HR 163 was introduced by prominent Democrats like Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and John Lewis. There aren't any Republicans involved in the bill. ...They are also using the bill to drum up opposition to the war. They are in the minority. The bill will never, ever pass. It's just a publicity gimmick and now they're using the bill to go anti-Bush.

If you look at the report from the Selective Service System and you will find that the SSS is setting up a prototype exercise of a lottery. And the reason they're doing that is because Congress passed a law requiring them to do so. That is the Government Performance and Resuults Act which was passed in 1993. I seem to remember that George Bush wasn't president then. And the Republicans didn't control the Congress in 1993.

So, according to a Democratically passed law signed by President Clinton, the Selective Service System is setting up a prototype lottery system for use in a national emergency.

Emphaisis added and abbreviations for context to my post, so go over and read the whole thing. Betsy is discussing a filthy dimorat lie e-mail being sent around college campi to scare students that is utterly despicable, and utterly typical of the liars. And many thanks, Betsy, for making my life easier!


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