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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Fox News Sunday

First off, I really like Chris Wallace. My original apprehensions are gone. That being said: YUCK! First guest up--McCain. This guy...oy vey. John is now telling us all how we need to be running Iraq. I guess that's better then just calling it a quagmire...Background looks like McCain is in Vegas, so maybe there's hope for him yet. McCain is obsessing about taking out the "sanctuaries," conveniently ignoring the fact that the bad guys keep holding up in Islamo religious sites and suggesting no way to rout them without smashing the sites, Wallace just tossed McCain the C-BS memo scandal! McCain says spill it C-BS, come clean, but he won't go so far as to say the memos are fakes...Don't bite that hand McCain! Thank the Lord baby Jesus in heaven THAT segment is over--McCain is not my cup o' tea at all. Straddler, dammit! He has no core values I see other than his love of the camera. Ick.

Now we go on to discuss the swing states with Bill Richardson, jackass Governor of New Mexico and Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota. Richardson leads by trumpeting keeping Nader off the ballot! I thought ever vote counted? Guess not...But Richardson sees the future in kerry's "growing support" among Hispanics. Hmmm. Richardson looks PISSED, lots of frowning and scowling, even though he too appears to be in Vegas. Pawlenty looks like he's about 14 and not so bright, but he has his banal Repub talking points down rote. Yawn. Richardson at least brings some life to his demo talking points, some actual (fake but accurate) passion. YES! Richardson says bring on NATO, the UN, the international community (France & Germany) to "fix" Iraq. Pawlenty of course doesn't like this strategy and has learned to say "Defeatist" and just compared kerry to a superball bouncing around a room, a fitting analogy given his apperance.

Round table time: kerry bringing in more troops for his failing campaign, first topic. Brit hits it out of the park and really this is all that need be said: The problem is kerry, not his advisors. Who cares what message kerry has, it'll change in 4 minutes. I don't give 2 shits what kerry says, he has nothing but platitudes. Juan suggest making an issue of Halliburton! There's a winner! Ooh! Wallace: Where is John Edwards? No one really bite down on this one: He's supposed to portray himself as the "nice guy" apparently. Bah! He has NO foreign policy experience AT ALL and little domestic experience...Plus he is a liability to the demos on 'Nam as he really did weasel out of serving. Someone needed to say he was picked back when kerry had the mojo and they thought they could sew up the female vote with him because he's (theoretically) cute. Them's the facts, and I think it is illustrative of the horrid lack of depth of the entire kerry campaign. On to the C-BS scandal, and the latest DNC howler that it is all the fault of the White House for not telling C-BS they were fake! Juan, nice demo robot that he is, is actually trying to make the case. Kristol says the source will break this week, altho Burkett has already been outed pretty much, at least in Bloggerville.

They wrapped the show with a nice portrait of the lady who runs the debates, Janet Brown. Per the norm for fair & balanced Fox, they mention she is a demo but don't make a big point of it.

A good outing from Fox, I'd give it a solid B, B+.


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