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Friday, September 10, 2004

Lies and the Lying liars who lie there

Yesterday was stellar in bloggersville, as Powerline, LGF and others eviscerated the latest dan rather, 60 minutes, NYT, Wash Post bullshitfest against Bush. The profundity of this exercise is so beautiful--It all started with some freeper noting a problem with the font and spacing on the memos. Stop and think of that for a minute...One guy with some rather obtuse but factual knowledge now has a REAL voice! How many of us can remember a time when the "media" was so responsive? Can't say it's ever happened to me.

It is an uphill battle, however. In interacting with two utterly charming but hopelessly brainwashed lib friends, the degree of denial and avoidance of the unfolding story was amazing. Both immediately chirped that the claims had no basis in fact, in one case going so far as to say "I worked for the DOD in the 80s and that was the type we used." Excuse me, huh?

I kept them posted on events via email and both were eager to make stabs at denying what was happening as it was happening. Both wanted to know why, even in the face of the increasing evidence that the documents from 60 Minutes were fradulent, Bush hadn't answered the charges in them. In one particulary pathetic fit of pique the other fellow, not the DOD font master, sent me a link from some lame lib site regarding the old Joe Wilson allegations! Forget what we were discussing, what about THESE charges?????

Obviously it was easy to toss that red herring overboard, but the sad fact remains that, to these rather typical lib/progressive/independent folks (they change their labels daily, hourly, whenever) THIS is viable debate. Your side losing? Change the topic. Uncomfortable with a certain line of inquiry, charge off in another unrelated direction. Both assume themselves to be liberal because it is so "progressive," and yet each has to maintain the status quo to maintain the integrity of their politics. Utterly missing that what they are standing up for, in reality, is the MSM, they continue on in their smug assurance that they, somewhow, "get it," while missing the Blog train because they don't like some of the truth unearthed. Too sad and a pretty bad indicator for the demo party...


At September 10, 2004 at 4:24 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Can't wait to hear Rather's burbling obfuscations tonite...



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