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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Mark Steyn Is Love

I might even be able to drum up something like respect for the dimmo-rats if they could come up with anyone 1/1,000,000th as brilliant, droll and hysterical as Mark Steyn. Come on guys--Ya'll got all of Hollywood (nearly) in yer pocket, can't you come up with ONE commentator who isn't a shrill ninny? Come to think of it, even forging documents for 60 Minutes is over yer heads, so forget I said anything.

Dan Rather and the elderly gentlemen at ''60 Minutes'' were all atwitter because they'd come into possession of some hitherto undiscovered memos relating to whether George W. Bush failed to show up for his physical in the War of 1812. The media had been flogging this dead horse all spring, but these newly ''discovered'' memos had jump-started the old nag just enough to get him on his knees long enough for the media to flog him all over again.

Unfortunately for CBS, Dan Rather's hairdresser sucks up so much of the budget that there was nothing left for any fact-checking, so the ''60 Minutes'' crew rushed on air with a damning National Guard memo conveniently called ''CYA'' that Bush's commanding officer had written to himself 32 years ago. ''This was too hot not to push,'' one producer told the American Spectator. Hundreds of living Swiftvets who've signed affidavits and are prepared to testify on camera -- that's way too cold to push; we'd want to fact-check that one thoroughly, till, say, midway through John Kerry's second term. But a handful of memos by one dead guy slipped to us by a Kerry campaign operative -- that meets ''basic standards'' and we gotta get it out there right away.

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