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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

More demo Draft Lies

In follow up to the posting of last night, I found several more links to pertinent info about the filthy dimorat lies regarding the draft. Itt seems that no larger a scumbag then old kerry himself floated the fake draft tale just today!

CrushKerry has a nice, link rich blurb: Kerry Spreads Draft Lie John Kerry today hinted that a 2nd Bush term would cause the draft to return. This is of course, nonsense. In fact, Democrats criticized Donald Rumsfeld when he said, in January, 2003, that there would be no draft because draftees would add "no value" and "no advantage" to the military.What's next, Kerry's plan to wipe out the national debt by first sending money to M Sese Seko to invest? (Check the above link for further linkage)

Insta has an amazing, ongoing entry featuring the AP pulling the draft rumor quote from their Kerry coverage: OKAY, NOW I BELIEVE THOSE POLLS about how badly Kerry is doing. Why else would he be making bogus claims about restoring the draft?
Maybe some reporters should ask him why, if this is a secret Bush plan, it's Democrats in Congress who are sponsoring bills to bring back the draft? Or maybe at least note that in the reports?
UPDATE: This take seems about right:
What next, is Kerry going to denounce the U.S. Postal Service's plan to tax e-mail?
This is not the move of a campaign confident about where it is in the polls.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Weirdly, the draft reference is now missing from the AP story linked above. You can still see it here, though, at least for now.
MORE: Hmm. Is this AP's fault, rather than Kerry's? This may have been the result of a reporter hyping the draft issue rather than, as I thought, Kerry trying to raise it in a "nuanced" fashion.
STILL MORE: More thoughts here, including the observation that this seems to be some kind of unified message-of-the-week.

(Check the above link for further linkage)

This is simply amazing stuff...This is deceit and straight out lying on a par of nothing I have ever seen. It can only be hoped --and prayed for-- that the continued self-destruction of the MSM will facilitate the truth getting out on all this rot.


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