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Sunday, September 12, 2004

More on Slime

As further example of the demonstrable ignorance of demos regarding what is or isn't slime, Juan Williams just got finished sliming the Swifts as an answer to the See-BS/Dan Rather/forgery story. When asked his opinion, Williams said something about how the whole campaign was dirty, and blah blah blah and just look at those Swift Vets who have "been proven as being false..." Poor Brit Hume looked so pissed I thought he was gonna puke, but ol' Billy Kristol did a semi-good job of unspinning Juan, saying essentially: "No, their allegations have not been proven false and further, the Swift Vets organization has proven to be much more transparent then See-BS in these matters--thus enabling you to make these charges, Juanita." Again--Swift Vets, BAD, EVIL, MEAN. See-BS using fraudulent documents--NO, SWIFT VETS LIARS, SWIFT VETS BAD. You cannot know what goes on in a person's noggin, but I think Juan and his fellow demos feel like they've made some point with these tactics, like they've won the debate. Don't answer the question, veer off onto some other topic, spread innuendo and smear it around good to distract from the original point and Voila, Victory! Pathetic.


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