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Sunday, September 05, 2004

More Sunday Yakking

That Mary Beth Cahill is on Deface the Nation and I hate to say it but she seems like a nice lady! I'd not seen her before, so I am surprised. Most of the women folk I associate with the demos are hideous creatures ala Hillary, Susan Estrich, Donna Brazille, etc...But ol' Cahill, aside from the blather, bullshit and baulderdash dripping from her mouth, just seems humanoid...Even when Cahill took the inevitable swipe at Zell (Did I really just hear "mad dog?") she seemed so wonky and nonthreatening.

Ooo...she is spreading some BS about Zell getting disinvited from the Presidential box at the Convo and canned from going on the stump avec Bush! That's a good one! Who DIDN'T love Zell?

I like this Governor Marc Racicot (sp? it's early, gimme a break) fellow, albeit without knowing his bona fidas. He has a nice lulling tone to his voice...Kinda sexy in a weird, troubling way. And he's finally making the point that the Pres cannot stop the Swift ads as it would be coordination against the law, and old grandpa Bob Scheifer (sp) is looking stung. AND he got the $60 million spent against Bush on the table, good man!


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