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Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Annie C

Mizz Coulter has a new column over at townhall and, as usual, she rocks the shit down:

In Dan Rather's defense, it must be confessed, he is simply a newsreader. Now that Walter Cronkite is retired, Rather is TV's real-life Ted Baxter without Baxter's quiet dignity. No one would ever suggest that he has any role in the content of his broadcast. To blame Dan Rather for what appears on his program would be like blaming Susan Lucci for the plot of "All My Children."

The person to blame is Ted Baxter's producer, Mary Mapes. Mapes apparently decided: We'll run the documents calling Bush a shirker in the National Guard, and if the documents turn out to be fraudulent we'll:

a) Blame Karl Rove;
b) Say the documents don't matter.

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Say what you will about Repubs v dimo-rats, we have the funniest on our side. Ann, Mark Steyn, a jillion different bloggers, hillarious all. When did the lefties get so sour and humorless?


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