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Saturday, September 25, 2004

An Obvious Choice

We will now hear from our sisters over at Lesbians For Bush:

Sayeth Beth Elliott: "One obvious explanation, one that runs counter to the assumptions of both left and right, is that many of us place higher importance on issues like the benefits of constitutional government over statism, or America's safety in the world, or restoring honor and dignity to our highest institutions, than our particular parochial issues."
Moreover, Elliott contends that gay and lesbian activists need to be more consistent in the way they approach the state,
"Ultimately, there is also the matter of following through on positions and applying them not just to ourselves but to others as well. Because we have decried government interference in our lives, and the harmful effects of derogatory stereotypes, it behooves us to be sensitive to similar legitimate complaints from religious conservatives."

Jeeze Beth, ya got that great organization name and this is yer yawner release? Oy vey


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