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Thursday, September 16, 2004


According to the latest ratings, old Dan and C-BS are dead, dead last.

In Philadelphia, the nation's #4 market, Rather pulled a 2.6 rating/5 share on Tuesday night against ABC's 13.3 rating/23 share and NBC's 4.0/7.

In Chicago, Rather hit a 2.3/5 to ABC's 9.2/20.

CBS trailed ABC by more than 2 to 1 in Los Angeles.

And in the nation's top market, New York, Rather finished not only behind NBC NIGHTLY NEWS and ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT -- but also pulled less audience than reruns of the SIMPSONS, WILL & GRACE and KING OF QUEENS.

Rather finished dead last in New York during the 6:30 pm timeslot among all broadcast channels tracked by NIELSEN on Tuesday.

So it would appear that the majority oppose deceit, fraud and blatant anti-Bush bias. Not even the curious are tuning it to see what all the ado is, people are just turning off in droves. I wonder how Dan, the DNC and Moveon will spin this as a result of that nasty Karl Rove too...


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