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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Shaky Alcoholics For kerry

Face the Nation gives us reason 18,760,234 to laugh at dimorats --Senator Teddy "I killed Mary Jo Kopeckne" Kennedy! He's in the throes of a meandering, lying, ridiculous ramble about how Iraq is a quagmire, Bush is a liar, Rummy's a fool, blah blah blah. He is defending kerry attacking Allawi by...not answering the question..."further and further into the quagmire" sayeth "Shakes" Kennedy. Shakes says that A) Women aren't fleeing the kerry campaign and anyway B) they will come flocking back when he lays out "the plan." (Any day now, kerry!) How will kerry get international involvement to a greater degree? Well, everyone hates Bush...So kerry is better. Got that?

Now we have Repub Lindsey Graham, who is well spoken on his talking points but a type I find personally creepy. To shiny. I see a bright political future for him, derailed in a scandal involving corn, teenage migrant worker boys and bathtub gin, but I digress. He is getting his points across and rebuking the hosts, and is mildly critical of B/C while deriding kerry, so just wait for the Jennifer Loven AP story "All Republicans Hate Bush and All His Twisty Words and are Voting For kerry Secretly," to later be amended to "kerry is a Moron."


At September 29, 2004 at 2:20 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

But what's with that orange face? He looks like a Cheetoh. He must have found a really old bottle of QT.

Hopefully, his makeup team will caulk him in white pancake until he looks like Morticia Addams.


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