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Sunday, September 05, 2004

That's what friends are for

I, being the token Conservative in Portland, Oregon, am regularly assailed by the weak libs and "indies." I thought I would post a little email example of the ebb and flow of PDX political chatter:

Email from "Geoff" in response to a story link I sent him about the US Navy looking into Kerry's records from theBlogfather:
Sounds very bipartisan. When does the bipartisan look into W's awol status in the reserve start?? Guess it's on, my mistake.

I went over to the link and aside from its' being an AP just seemed so, well, lame. It inspired this response from me:
I am 100% AGAINST bipartisanship, just as I think being an "independent" is a sack of shit. I believe in my partisanisms and am more then man enough to take the heat for them. I can debate anyone, anywhere, anytime on damned near anything and they will always know where I am coming from. Look at your politics: You claim to be a nonpartisan independent but I have yet to see, hear or read you take the Bush side of ANYTHING, and I have seen, heard and read the lamest, weakest demo talking point spin from you nonstop. Bush's National Guard service? Are you kidding me? His response to the 9/11 attacks is who he is, there you have it. Not spin, not obfuscated records, not desperate media hype and lies, CERTAINLY not Mike Moore. Honestly I couldn't care less if he spent the entirety of his service drunk with a male lover reading tarot cards and playing Parcheesi, and I somehow think most Americans feel the same.
Why would Bush bother to hide his NG records? The general take on young Bush is Frat boy drunk party guy. So what? He knows it, his people and handlers know it and his swagger and mannerisms would seem to prove out that he doesn't really seek to hide from it. He's who he is, and I think there is scant record of his trying to either hide it or pretend to be something he ain't. But your boy Kerry? Where are the service records, from the period HE is highlighting? Why won't he release his diaries of the period? Why doesn't he run on his record of votes in the Senate, or on legislation he passed? Why doesn't he lay out his "plans" ala Bush at the RNC convention? Shit, I got little love for Bush's expansion of the government for Christ's sake, at least I know what his plans are. What are Kerry's?
The whole canard of being an "independent" is lame. Stand up for what you believe. How can you fix your party, and what good do you do for your party, when you go so far as to deny you belong to it? Is that somehow a "good" wrought from bipartisanship? Tell ya what: When "bipartisan" means that demos will put something on the table, I'm in. When "independent" means you do not swallow anyone's talking points, when logic, reason and truthfulness guide you, I'm there. Until then BE the demo you are and work on fixing yer party!

At this rate I should be being run outta town any day now...


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