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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Thune v Daschle on MTD

Man, John Thune is FANTASTIC on Meet the Press this morning...He just straight up said to daschle that his rhetoric "emboldens our enemies." Damn! He's been hammering steady on everything from S.D. road funding to taxation to daschle's record, just hittin' him head on. Daschle just looks pathetic, old and rude -interrupting, muttering, trying all the old demo tricks when his record is questioned (lie, distort, even when faced with direct irrefutable votes he's made, lie, lie, lie). Really a great show and a major showcase of Thune who, barring demo skeleton finding, looks like a good bet for national office. A check of the polls shows Thune even or ahead, thank God. I've not been paying that much attention, mostly because my loathing of daschle is so great I can barely stand looking at him, but it seems worth keeping an eye on now.

Also noteworthy--Tim Russert certainly seems to be watching the C-BS/Rather meltdown in the ratings and taking note. I've always felt he was better at keeping his leftie impulses in check, but they occasionally reared up and protected the status quo demo partyline; This debate with Thune and daschle was phenomenally well balanced with both being called on their ads and records and both being forced to actually respond to the question, not drift into rhetoric. Thune, with less experienceas a politician then daschle, was vastly better at actually answering. Daschle had to be gently chided several times when he would meander into demo talking point nonsense. A special highpoint: Russert showing the daschle ads where he hugs the President and bleats on about how he (daschle) has been such a bipartisan show pony! What a hoot--Both Russert and Thune ripped him a new one, Thune even saying daschle was "dumping his party's loser candidate" to coattail on Bush!

All in all, the best Meet the Press in a long time! A solid A, with some extra credit points thrown in.


At September 19, 2004 at 7:46 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Wow, it would be great to see a Thune smackdown on Daschle. If only the stupid Cal Republicans had their act together - something that will never happen - they could have lit a fire under Barbara Boxer. Crap.



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