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Saturday, October 30, 2004

So Happy

Beautiful Atrocities, SondraK, Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, Llama Butchers, protein wisdom, Ace of Spades...There is so much hysterical ass creative crap goin' on in blog-o-town it just kills me. It's part of the addiction-Knowing I can check any of these guys (and many, many, too many to mention others) and actually laugh my angry, bitter ass off at any given time.

See All the Monsters

New to me blogger Korla Pundit has the scariest monster post I have ever seen...Here are a few teases, without the corresponding excellent photos, so git on over there and take in all Korla's mad brilliance!

One of these brides (and her mate) tried to destroy the doctor who had created them. The other bride (and her mate) tried to destroy the entire medical Industry.

One is a heartless, hideous monster who haunts the Paris Opera House — a corruption of a man — so obsessed with the crystal chandeliers and fine wine that he is blind both to the fact that his actions are resulting in the deaths of innocents and the fact that he is actually living in a sewer. The other was portrayed by Lon Chaney.

One sucks blood. The other just sucks.

H/T Insta

DNC House Organ Oregonian Strikes Again

Living up to the standards we've all come to know and loathe, the Oregonian strikes again in part 873 of their ongoing series "Oh My God Kerry's Gonna Lose Unless We Turn Up the Lie Machine to Top Volume." In the provocatively title tale de jour "Deceptive Tactics Inflate GOP Voter Registration," we learn all about how the Nazi/Fascist GOP has misled all the innocent college boys and girls into registering as nazi/fascist Republicans!

At 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 12, Rori Smith, a Republican Party official temporarily assigned to Oregon, and several other GOP operatives strode into the Barracuda nightclub in downtown Portland. They were on official party business.
Smith was delivering several thousand voter registration cards, all of them ostensibly new Republican voters, to a special drop-off point set up at the nightclub during extended registration hours on the last day to register to vote in this year's election.
But apparently unknown at the time to Smith and other GOP officials, it soon began to emerge that some of those cards -- the number is not known -- were signed by young people who were deceived into registering as a Republican, or who may have registered as an independent or a Democrat and then had the registration switched to Republican by someone else before the card was turned in.
The registration forms were valid and newly registered voters received ballots. But some of them were the product of deceptive tactics, used on several college and university campuses around the state, by canvassers working for Sproul & Associates, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based company that was hired by the Republican National Committee to boost GOP registration in Oregon and several other states.

That's right, boys and girls. "Some" of these registrations, number unknown, stand ACCUSED of having been tampered with. However, Oregon, like every other state in the union, is an open ballot state for Federal elections. You still get to vote for anyone on the ballot, as they get to in paragraph 15 of the tale:

But state and local elections officials said they did not think there would be much if any impact on voting. All registered voters receive the same ballot and are free to vote for any candidate, regardless of party affiliation, they noted.

Lurid headline aside, there is absolutely no story here. Much like the Florida voters who somehow, magically knew they had voted wrong AFTER GORE LOST, what we have here is nothing more then Demo fear mongering. Note how there are no facts to substantiate the claims anywhere throughout the tale, only accusations. Apparently the DNC and their adjunct the Oregonian are setting up the "stolen election" nonsense even out here in Little Beirut! Not a good sign. We can smell the fear, kids, and anyone with a whit of sense ain't buyin' this.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

NY Times, Oregonian Style

Making up news as fast as he can, Oregonian "writer" Mike Francis out New York Times the New York Times, even going them one better:

Six months after the fall of Baghdad, a vast Iraqi weapons depot with tens of thousands of artillery rounds and other explosives remained unguarded, according to two U.S. aid workers who say they reported looting of the site to U.S. military officials.
The aid workers say they informed Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the highest ranking Army officer in Iraq in October 2003 but were told that the United States did not have enough troops to seal off the facility, which included more than 60 bunkers packed with munitions.
"We were outraged," said Wes Hare, city manager of La Grande, who was working in Iraq as part of a rebuilding program. A colleague who also visited the depot, Jerry Kuhaida, said it appeared that the explosives at the Ukhaider Ammunition Storage Area had found their way to insurgents targeting U.S. forces.

While Wes Hare is a realtively unknown commodity, he is active in the extraordinarily Anti-War "Third Way" Mennonite Community. Here's a quote from old Wes: "I believe the Lord hears the cries of the poor. I have seen from the 60's on, faith in poor people that far exceeds the faith I have seen in the middle class. I see the struggle that poor people have had. I see the judgments that are put on poor people. I see the punitive behavior of this culture that maintains barriers, in whatever forms they take, that makes it inevitable that poor people remain poor." Hmmm...Obviously NOT a man with an agenda.
As to Jerry Kuhaida, he is an anti-war activist and member of "Occupation Watch." Sayeth Kuhaida: "We can't even get our own people in the United States to vote, how are we going to do that in Iraq?" he wondered. "We needed to at least do some strategizing and thinking, but I saw no evidence that we were doing that."
"There was no plan at all after the war," he added. "The whole thing was running on a whim, basically. There wasn't even a bad plan out there. I am totally disturbed by my government and the lies that were told to me. I take them personally."

Far be it from me to suggest that the extreme anti-war backgrounds of the only 2 sources for a major page 1 above the fold story should maybe have bearing on the legitamacy, or at least political bent, of the story. And it is most certainly not that the Oregonian or its' writers or editors have an agenda in the election or anything...

Some People Shouldn't Vote File

J'adore Kaus (practicing my french for a possible Kerry victory), but how did he run this this item sans comment?

A kf colleague who spends a lot of time in Miami worries about those lost-and-remailed Broward County absentee ballots:
Broward is Florida's #1 stronghold of elderly, Democratic mostly Jews who are used to having a month to send in their absentee ballots... I ordered two of those ballots for my mother-in-law and aunt - both too disabled to make it to the polls. So even if they find them, most of these folks will not be able to vote before Tuesday. And sending them out today really doesn't work for most of the old folks that live in Broward- as half of them need help in filling out a ballot - because of infirmities etc. I think this is a huge deal - and could cost Kerry the state.

I'm supposed to buy that THIS is the big key to a Kerry loss in Florida? These folk need...a month? 2? Maybe we can just send them ballots for next election NOW and they can just take their time. Please...

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Liar to the Nth Degree, pt. MMMCCCLII

I heard the Brokaw bite on the radio earlier and lo & behold, those good and nice Powerlines had it, and more:

Before she died, John Kerry's mother reminded him that it's all about "integrity, integrity, integrity." For the Senator, though, intelligence (or its appearance) trumps integrity. Consider this exchange between Kerry and Tom Brokaw:

Brokaw: Someone has analyzed the President's military aptitude tests and yours, and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do.
Kerry: That's great. More power. I don't know how they've done it, because my record is not public. So I don't know where you're getting that from.

But, in the past, as Captain Ed reminds us, Kerry has insisted that his entire record is public. For example, he told Chris Matthews:

I released all my military records. Mr. Gillespie thought it was important enough to go travel to another state, make a big speech, demand that I release my records. I did. Everything. All of it. Including my officer fitness reports.
In sum, faced with the choice between admitting the meaningless but unthinkable proposition that his IQ might be slightly lower than President Bush's or effectively acknowledging that his prior statements about the availability of his records are untrue, Kerry selected the former option. Is anyone surprised?

It defies logic or sanity that anyone could vote for this liar. Amazing.

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Election Hell Indeed

I've been looking for a "clearing house" style blog on all the election related violence, and it was through our man Spoons that I found said linkage. Election Hell has it all--All the fraud, all the violence, all the shenanigans that one can stomach. While I find all this shit so disheartening it is imperative to stay aware. Sad times.


I generally trend toward meandering around the blogs, getting stuck on a few for a while, then meandering again. Some, like Insta, Lileks and Drudge (is he a blog?) are eternal and need daily, if not hourly monitoring. Right now I am diggin' Betsy, Beautiful Atrocities, SondraK, Powerline and Hugh Hewitt on a daily basis. Recently I have been checkin out some of my old favs like Little Green Footballs, Hit & Run and Spoons and it is such a pleasure to get to look back on all the great work they do.

I don't remember what I did pre-blogs, but it certainly wasn't as fun and educational as this...

WaPo Best Blogs Winners

The Washington Post have the winners up in their "2004 Best Blogs - Politics & Elections Readers' Choice Awards." No big surprises, although I do like that The Corner beat Kos for Best Democratic Party Coverage AND Sully for Best Republican Party Coverage.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I Apologize

Apparently Smoky is not as cute as I found him(her?) to be:

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From: "XXXXX"
Subject: You are so disturbed
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 16:04:15 -0700

My child and I were veiwing your site, what lovely clowns my son commented. THEN we scrolled to the butt clown, he went away choking on his push up.

I ever so sincerely apologize for the choking of the child.

Plagarism Bust, Blog Style

Betsy has a tale of the busting of a plagarist in our midst. More here. I went over to the plagarist's blog and found all the archives to be dead, so someone seems to have remedied that, at least. How vile.


Mark Steyn:

As for this Bush-failed-to-get-bin-Laden business, 2-1/2 years ago I declared that Osama was dead and he's never written to complain. There's no more evidence for his present existence than there is for the Loch Ness monster, which at least does us the courtesy of showing up as a indistinct gray blur on a photograph every now and again. Osama is lying low because he's in no condition to get up.
But, even if he weren't, that's a frivolous reductive way of looking at this war. He's not a general or head of state; he can't sign an instrument of surrender, and make all the unpleasantness go away. The enemy is an ideology that appeals to various loose groupings from the Balkans to Indonesia, as well as to entrepreneurial free-lancers like the shooter who killed two people at LAX on July 4, 2002. If Kerry's oft-repeated "outsourcing Osama" crack is genuinely felt, it shows he doesn't get this war. And, if it's just cheapo point scoring, it's pathetic.
Almost everything falls into that category. Iraq's messy. So? What isn't? America has no Colonial Office, no political administrators with decades of experience in far-flung climes; its occupation of Iraq was learnt on the fly, because there was no other way. But the ludicrous defeatism over what's at worst a partial success is unbecoming to a great nation. If the present Democratic-media complex had been around earlier, America would never have mustered the will to win World War II or, come to that, the Revolutionary War. There would be no America. You'd be part of a Greater Canada, with Queen Elizabeth on your coins and government health care.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Join the Fun!!

Yeah! Oh how fun! A contest over at Polipundit for "The Worst Liberal Meltdown." Poli deserves an award for narrowing it down to only 5, so go give a vote!

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Kerry's IQ Lower Than Bush's

Steve Sailer has an exhaustive study of all available and relavant information about the comparative IQs of the contenders, and, not surprisingly to those of us who love him, Bush comes out on top.

I've turned up some hard facts about the IQs of Kerry and Bush.
Most significantly, at the age of 22, both men took the IQ-type tests required of candidate military officers. (The U.S. military, which has studied the predictive power of IQ in vastly more detail than any other institution, remains intensely dedicated to the value of intelligence testing.)
Bush's scores on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test have been briefly mentioned in the press. But no-one before now has fully explained what they mean.
And, even more important, this is first article to publish Kerry's score on the Navy's Officer Qualification Test.
The two tests aren't perfectly comparable. But they provide no evidence that Kerry is smarter. If anything, Bush is smarter than Kerry.

You really do HAVE to go check out the entire thing. Sailer's research is astounding...Where does a guy find the time he has put into this thing? Of course it will be ignored by the MSM, because Lord knows if we had anything resembling this degree of perseverance, attention to details and methodology in the media today this election would be a walk for B/C and the Demos as a party would simply no longer exist...

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No Flip Flop Here, Nor a Smoking Ass

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Kerry: Bush Allowed Bin Laden to Escape
By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
RENO, Nev. - Democratic Sen. John Kerry said Friday that Osama bin Laden would be in captivity or dead if Kerry had been president during the war against Afghanistan. Kerry accused President Bush of allowing bin Laden to escape by relying on Afghan warlords to try to hunt the al-Qaida chief down in the caves of Tora Bora in December 2001. "Can you imagine trusting them when you have your 10th Mountain Division, the United States Marine Corps, when you had all the power and ability of the best-trained military in the world?" Kerry told a rally at the University of Nevada-Reno. "I would have used our military and we would have gone after and captured or killed Osama bin Laden. That's tough."

In mid-December 2001, right in the middle of the battle of Tora Bora, Kerry supported the administration's strategy: "I think we have been smart. I think the administration leadership has done it well, and we are right on track." Kerry only cautioned against using too much force: "I am not for a prolonged bombing campaign," he said.

Ah, the politics of 20/20 hindsight, made more difficult by those nasty Neo-Cons, bloggers, search engines and cache systems! But what the hay, throw it out there, see if it sticks. We MUST advance le cause Kerry!

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The Oregonian Tackles Taxes

In a shocking development, our local papier (I'm practicing my French in case le Kerry wins) takes on the new tax reforms Bush signed on Friday and actually gets it primarily correct!

WASHINGTON -- With no fanfare, President Bush on Friday signed into law the most sweeping corporate tax law in nearly two decades and the fifth major tax cut since he took office less than four years ago.
His signature means that Bush and the Republican Congress have fundamentally changed the U.S. tax code in ways large and small, for struggling individuals and corporate giants, bow-and-arrow makers and billionaires. Tax experts and academics remain deeply divided about the wisdom and effectiveness of these tax changes, but few disagree on their importance...Since 2001, Bush has signed tax cuts of $1.35 trillion, $42 billion, $350 billion, $146 billion and $143 billion over 10 years. He has lowered income tax rates at every income level and carved out a new 10 percent bracket from the 15 percent bracket that had been the lowest. The child tax credit was expanded from $500 to $1,000. Married couples, especially those in the middle-income range, received a significant tax break.

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I don't think I've ever read the "profile" section of any blog. I really have scant interest in the blogger (except Jeff, but between the restraining order and my new meds that situation is "under control"), I just like or dislike their stuff. That being said I just looked at my "view profile" as I don't even remember doing it. 72 people have viewed my profile...Yikes. Or yuck. I should have made myself seem much more interesting.

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I've never had the Coulrophobia, but a lot of folks do. In an effort to scare and/or offend that segment of society, today is Clown Day.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Bush Up 5 Points in Oregon

According to Riley Research Associates, W is up 5 points in Oregon. In related news, Oregon Marijuana growers are reporting a "bumper crop" of "totally gnarly red hairy buds." Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

November 02 Alcohol Ban Called For

Bolstered by Alabama Mayor Thomas Menino's call to ban liquor sales in the Fenway and Kenmore Square neighborhoods during the upcoming World Series and prohibiting TV stations from broadcasting live shots from inside bars and restaurants during games, newly formed group Citizens for a Sober Vote have rallied to ban alcohol sales nationally on 02 November, 2004, election day. Citing what they called the "obvious drunkenness" of the entire Democrat Party, spokeswoman Dana Dillbank stated:" Just like with my uncle Jed, when ya got a drunk in the room sometimes ya just gotta take away their liquor!"

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Unidentified Drunk Democrat Lady

Calling the attempted ban "An outrageous attack by Karl Rove and Haliburton on our right to get black-out drunk and vote," DNC Spokeswoman Theresa McAuliffe further commented that "If you give these Satanic Republican plants an inch the next thing they'll do is take away our right to trade crack for votes!"

Unidentified Drunk Democrat Man Dancing

Commenting on the comments of DNC commentator McAuliffe, Ms. Dillbank was reported to have responded: "Jesus what an asshole."

Bono's Stolen Crap Returned

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Seems some tramps stole a briefcase full of Bono's crap, including lyrics, pictures and a bunch of other garbage, way back in 1981 whilst the band was touring in lovely Portland, Oregon. Said crap has been now returned.

A lyrical quest for Bono ends where it began Portland is at center stage as fans set out to right a wrong after discovering long lost U2 material
Friday, October 22, 2004
Danielle Rheaume was trading e-mails with work mate Cindy Harris about their favorite band, when Harris made a startling claim.
I've got some of U2's things, Harris wrote her last October. I'll tell you about it sometime.
"No, tell me about it now -- I have to see it!" Rheaume said she wrote back.
Rheaume suspected the items Harris possessed might include legendary lyrics thought to have been stolen in Portland in the early 1980s. The loss had forced U2 to hastily rewrite its second album, "October."
The next day at work in Olympia, Rheaume knew she was right

No word on whether Bono's plans for world peace or economic salvation were included in the goods. I should note that the recovery was made strikingly close to the basecamp of a certain troublemaker, who refuses comment thus far...

In related news, Sonny Bono is still presumed deceased as a result of trees placed in his ski path by Haliburton.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Log Cabin Burns Down

GayPatriot has got the goods on the Log Cabin "Republicans:"

GayPatriot Exclusive: Log Cabin GOP Political Director Unmasked As Former Edwards Campaign Operative
In a major blow to the credibility of the national Log Cabin Republicans organization as a moderate voice in the Republican Party, newly discovered documents reveal that the person who manages the national Log Cabin political operation is, in fact, a long-time operative for the John Edwards Democratic Presidential campaign.

According to documents faxed to me yesterday (detailed in the section below), and corroborated by multiple sources, Log Cabin Political Director Christopher Barron headed up volunteer efforts for the John Edwards for President campaign for the Washington, DC area. Barron was hired by new Executive Director Patrick Guerriero as part of his management team. According to three different sources, Barron has separately confirmed his connection to the Edwards campaign in the past

Congrats to GayPatriot (I would have gone with "Gaytriot," but that's me) for breaking what would be a huge story were the political roles reversed. Don't expect giant outrage from, say, the Advocate, since it's only us mean Republicans getting screwed with...But really, aside from Andrew Sullivan (that's I guess...I stopped reading him too long ago to say for sure), who gives a shit what the Log Cabin Boys say anyway? I have always thought they were a bit of a joke, and resent their intrusive "special interest group" politics being rammed up the arse of the Republican Party...

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This Just In

While high on Democrat "Crack for Votes", Cletus Washington Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

was detained by racist Republican cops intent on usurping his voter rights. Full story here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Not A Good Sign

From the libby Political Animal :

CASE AGAINST SHRUM #273... I've never understood why the Kerry campaign hasn't made more of the candidate's record in the Senate of holding tough, thankless, let-the-chips-fall-as-they-may investigations of the rich and powerful(oh my GOD! I swear, these people slay me...). Especially impressive was his pursuit of BCCI, the Arab-owned international bank which turned out to be a massive criminal enterprise that enabled terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, to finance their activities--until it was shut down, largely thanks to Kerry's relentless efforts. The campaign's weird refusal to talk about achievements like the BCCI hearings has allowed Bush to paint Kerry as a do-nothing legislator with no record of achievement during 20 years in the Senate.
But now, thanks to Newsweek, we have an explanation for the Kerry campaign's insane strategy. It seems that Bob Shrum thinks the American people are too stupid to understand what it means that Kerry shut down BCCI. "You can't talk about that because people think you're talking about the BBC," Bob Shrum, Kerry's top adviser, told one senior staffer. "Why were you investigating British TV?"
Should we string up Shrum after Kerry loses, or beat the rush and do it now? (Emphasis added)


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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Politics of Ostriches

Hindrocket does a laudable fisking of Jimmy Carter over at Powerline. As I have said repeatedly, the Democrats are no longer a serious party at the national level. I defy anyone to show me one success in the politics of appeasement anywhere in the world in the last 20, 50 or 100 years. The most recent example of the tremendous failure would be the development of nuclear weaponry by North Korea under Albright and the Clinton administration. Or we can have the scandal of the UN's handling of the Oil for Food program. Or the bloodbath of the current situation in Darfur. These people would be laughable were their activities not so disastrous. Were it not for the media's brazenly dishonest reporting on real global --and national -- politics, the Democrats wouldn't be able to garner enough votes to win for dogcatcher.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Jeff is Feeling Spunky

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And poor Andy Sullivan gets the money shot in the kisser.
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Depth and the Left

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One thing that has confounded me throughout this election cycle is the abject lack of depth to the left's positions. I cannot debate any lefty in a meaningful way because I can find no one with any grasp of the issues of any depth, profundity or even coherence. It appears I am not alone. Ray D of Davids Medienkritik takes on no less then George Soros himself, and the results are unbelieveable.

You have got to read the whole thing, but the short story on it is that Mr. D sent Soros an email discussing America's role in Iraq with the historical perspective of WWII and our success reforming Germany and Japan. He touches briefly on the inaction of the UN and the roles played by Russia and France and Saddam's ability to manipulate Europe's innate hostility toward America. To his surprise, Soros responded, and the answer is, as the lawyers would say, "nonresponsive." It is also misleading, poorly articulated and dismissive. AND THIS IS GEORGE SOROS! Ray D's response to Soros is so good, so important, so INTELLIGENT that I shall refrain from clipping any of it. It is Breathtaking.

Back to my point--It appears that the reason I cannot find a good fight among the libs is because, if Kerry and Soros are articulating their points at the high end of the spectrum, there ARE NO POINTS. I have no idea who Ray D is, he may be some big muckity-muck in his choosen field, but I know that he is not a multibillionaire who has vowed to spend "every dime of my fortune" to effect the outcome of the election, I know he does not bankroll Moveoff.pig and it's subsidiary the DNC. And yet he has absolutely eviscerated Mr Soros and the ideas he represents. Clearly it is not only the Oregon Demos who have lost it, it's the entire party...Yet, in an odd way, I don't find that fact heartening in the least...

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20 Years

From the 3rd debate:
Bush: "He introduced some 300 bills and he's passed five."

Kerry: "Once again, the president is misleading America. I've actually passed 56 individual bills that I've personally written and, in addition to that, and not always under my name, there is (sic) amendments on certain bills."
So, Democrat readers, does constitute a lie by Kerry?:

The only five bills Kerry actually authored that became law:
* S.791: Authorizes $53 million over four years to provide grants to woman-owned small businesses. (1999)

* S.1206: Names a federal building in Waltham, Massachusetts after Frederick C. Murphy, who was killed in action during World War II and awarded (posthumously) the Medal of Honor. (1994)

* S.1636: A save-the-dolphins measure aiming“to improve the program to reduce the incidental taking of marine mammals during the course of commercial fishing operations.” (1994)

* S.1563: Funding the National Sea Grant College Program, which supports university-based research, public education, and other projects “to promote better understanding, conservation and use of America’s coastal resources.” (1991)

* S.423: Granting a visa and admission to the U.S. as a permanent resident to Kil Joon Yu Callahan. (1987)

Kerry authored 2 other bills that were modified before being enacted:
* H.R.1900 (S.300): Awarded a congressional gold medal to Jackie Robinson (posthumously), and called for a national day of recognition. (2003)

* H.R.1860 (S.856): Increased the maximum research grants for small businesses from $500,000 to $750,000 under the Small Business Technology Transfer Program. (2001)

As to the 56 bills Kerry cited, there is no record of them to be found.
Thanks LGF and FactCheck.

Shut UP!

Here's another Sullie howler (sorry, no permalink, ya gotta "go down:")

DREZNER LEANS TOWARD KERRY: One of my favorite bloggers, Dan Drezner, is leaning toward Kerry. He's a hawk like me, and a conservative on many issues. He makes a good case. But don't miss the counter-argument from a retired diplomat at the end. (Emphasis added)

"Hawk like me," is it? From the Drezner link:

Now, I'm very sympathetic to the argument that Kerry's diplomatic style would play much better on the global stage than Bush's (click here for some evidence of this) -- and that this improved style would go some way towards advancing America's national interest via greater multilateral cooperation.

But I'm not sure it will go nearly as far as Kerry thinks it will. If the Senator from Massachusetts thinks that improved style, greater diplomatic efforts, concerted multilateral coordination, and even copious amounts of American aid can get India and Pakistan to sign on to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, or create a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace, then, well, he's drunk too much of the multilateral Kool-Aid. Bill Clinton -- who epitomizes the kind of diplomatic style Kerry could only hope to achieve -- invested a fair amount of diplomatic capital on both of these flash points, during a time when America's global prestige was greater than today -- and in the end achieved very little of consequence. There are international problems where the conflict of interests are so sharp and the stakes are so high for the affected parties that all the outside diplomacy in the world won't achieve anything. And I can't help but wonder if Kerry believes he can somehow talk radical Islamists into submission.
So I'm troubled by this -- but at this point I'm more troubled by the Bush administration. Robert A. George has a New Republic column that encapsulates a lot of my difficulties voting for the GOP ticket this year. Here's the part that hit home for me:

President Bush has failed to live up to the second key tenet of conservative government: accountability.

Take, for example, the Pentagon's disastrous planning for postwar Iraq. The lack of troops for the post-invasion period enabled the insurgency to bloom and put American soldiers at risk. Worse, while memos from Ashcroft's Justice Department seemingly provided legal cover for the abuse at Abu Ghraib, the material causes could be found, again, in the underdeployment of troops: "What went wrong at Abu Ghraib prison?" asked The New York Post's Ralph Peters, one of the more earnest supporters of invading Iraq. Pointing to the two independent reports examining the scandal, he concludes: "Woefully deficient planning for post-war Iraq, too few troops and inadequate leadership at the top." Peters is among the conservatives who believe the Abu Ghraib fiasco should have been the final straw for Rumsfeld.
(Emphasis added)

Look, I am a hawk, always have been always will be, most likely. As a hawk I also appreciate that this President responded to terrorism in a dramatic and blunt way. Kerry, Sullivan and other assorted Demos & Libs do not seem to understand that the Islamofacists really DO NOT want to "talk" about anything, they want to kill us. The UN, France, Germany, Russia and China are filthy with Oil-for-Food scandal money, and we need to find multilateralism with these assholes why, exactly? So we can "feel better" about our "international prestige?" Jesus Christ.

To support his loathing of Bush he puts on his patented "20/20 Hindsight" glasses and laments our "post-war" strategy? Does he read anything other than the NY Times? Look around, buddy, there is tremendous good going on in Iraq--So much so that I have often said that the best thing a Kerry victory would bring would be the shift the Iraq coverage would get. We would finally see the MSM playing up the positives rather then the nonstop death/chaos/mayhem we get now. But the real stupifying thing to me is that anyone would try to pass themselves off as a "hawk" and then dredge up ABU GHRAIB! Are you kidding me with this shit? WHO CARES? This is a classic demo/lib red herring, utterly meaningless in the conduct of a war. Do we hold this up as our proudest moment? Of Course Not, ya jackasses! But to even attempt to encapsulate our amazing Iraq/Terrorism effort by vomiting up this menaingless but emotionally evocative (because LOOK LOOK, PICTURES!) situation is nothing any intellectually honest person could do, let alone a "hawk."

No, this is more rubbish. What is interesting to me about this "We're hawks, but..." nonsense is the same thing I see with nearly all the Demos and Libs I know--Denial of one's true leanings. I am an out-of-the-closet PROUD Conservative Republican, PRO-war, PRO-Bush, open and honest and LOUD about it all. What are all these dove Demo/Libs so ashamed of that they cannot embrace their true selves? It always intrigues me that I get assailed by Libs all the time who consistently purport themselves to be "Independent," yet cannot think of ONE Republican pol they like, let alone voted for, nor ONE Democrat pol they think is a liar or scumbag. It goes to honesty, integrity and introspection...Intellectual honesty people, it'll set ya free! (And it may just fix yer party...)

Andrew Sullivan's (Queer)Bait & Switch

What the hell has happened to this guy? Once was the day that he and I shared pleasant email exchanges. At one point I even told him I'd take him to the raunchy male strip clubs out here in Portland whenever he came out this way (he declined...I shoulda known then he was off). Now I rarely go to his site, and when I do I am usually left slack jawed. Today is no different:

The Cheneys didn't respond to Jim DeMint's gay-baiting in South Carolina, or Alan Keyes' direct insult of their own daughter in Illinois. They have not voiced objections tio a single right-wing piece of homophobia in this campaign or the anti-gay RNC flier in Arkansas and West Virginia. But they are outraged that Kerry mentioned the simple fact of their daughter's openly gay identity. What complete b.s. In the short run, this hurts Kerry. Prevailing disapproval of homosexuality means that most people regard mentioning anybody's lesbianism as an insult and inappropriate. But long-term, the Republican bluff has been called. The GOP is run, in part, by gay men and women, its families are full of gay people, and yet it is institutionally opposed to even the most basic protections for gay couples. You can keep up a policy based on rank hypocrisy for only so long. And then it tumbles like a house of cards. Kerry just pulled one card from out of the bottom of the heap. Watch the edifice of double standards slowly implode. Gay people and their supporters will no longer acquiesce in this charade. Why on earth should we?

The first thing that began to turn me off Andy was his lame single issue mania about anything gay or gay marriage related. One thing I adore about my party is that we generally eschew single issue politics, instead looking at "big picture" approaches to issues such as smaller government, lower taxes, a strong military, etc., etc. In my life that has meant that no Republican I know has ever treated me poorly because of my sexual proclivities, because I never weilded them as an issue. Sullie has always been GAY first, conservative or Repub second. That's a Demo approach, so much so that it has always made me leery of his Bona Fides. It defies logic to approach the Kerry/Dyke enbroglio by saying "Well, it's 'bad for Kerry' but even though there are homos all throughout the Repub party they are homophobic because they won't let me get married." Huh? Last I checked Kerry nixes gay marriage as well, and is a gay baiting asshole too boot. But, eh, it's really the Repubs because, well, I say so? Fuck off! Text book Demo (queer) bait and switch.

The (semi) Return of Steven Den Beste

Steven Den Beste was one of the first bloggers I read religiously, and his quitting was painful at best. Den Beste is one of those fellows who, if you agree with him, makes you feel very sound in your judgements. Most anything I had ever read by him was thoughtful, well researched, reasoned and profound. This was not reading for lightweights, and I loved it all! He has returned in limited form, with a typically well done Den Beste overview of the recent insane polls. His charting of the trends is comprehensive and well worth a look, much more so than anything you'll ever read on my computerized catbox. While there make sure to browse his archives.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Forget Nader, It's the Benjamins, Baby!

Poor Mickey Kaus has a minor panty twist going over whopping ONE POINT rise in the Washington Post poll. Please. What he should sweat is this tasty tidbit:

Republican National Committee $93,577,251
National Republican Congressional Committee $25,587,757
National Republican Senatorial Committee $22,488,596
TOTAL $141,653,604
Democratic National Committee $55,671,864
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $20,848,852
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $10,584,957
TOTAL $87,105,673

Now, the Demos do have their fat 527s, but toward the end of the elections, these $$ figures mean a lot more "I am George Bush and I approved this message" ads. Thus far the millions and millions and MILLIONS that Soros and other Billion- and Millionaire champions for the little working man have dumped into the giant Demo crap machine has really gotten them nada, particularly in comparison to the truly independently funded Swiftvets. This being the case I guess we call all look forward to more hysteria, more panic and more laughs from the Demo campaign assault machine.


Ah, Annie. Love her. So glad she's on our side!

During the second presidential debate, Kerry droned on about the civil liberties crisis in America under the Patriot Act (which he voted for). He claimed to have "met a man who spent eight months in prison, wasn't even allowed to call his lawyer, wasn't allowed to get – finally, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois intervened and was able to get him out."

Pity he didn't meet Abdullah Mehsud, a guy who spent two years in Guantanamo before being released and is now in Pakistan strapping dynamite to Chinese hostages.

Bush said he had met a man, too: "Grant Milliron, Mansfield, Ohio. He's creating jobs." Which one of these candidates is more likely to put the wood to the terrorists?

Bush is Lettin' Me Down

Remember way back when, when Bob Woodward's book came out and he and John Forbes Kerry went prattling on and on about the "secret deal" Bush had with the Saudi Royal Family to lower gas prices right before the election? Well COME ON BUSH. I just spent $20.00 at the pumps and got barely a 1/3 a tank! It must be that Bush is a MORON and an IDIOT that he managed to screw up the secret deal so bad...Damn! Maybe with Kedwards in the White House we could get us somma that there French or German Oil-for-Food petrol...

Friday, October 15, 2004


Will the John-John ticket get a pass for invading Mary Cheney's privacy twice by injecting her into debates before a national audience, and then insulting her parents by accusing them of being ashamed of their daughter?
That's to be determined.
But let's be clear on one thing.
However despicable the Democrats' conduct is on a personal level, it becomes even more reprehensible when one considers that John Kerry is running for the presidency of the United States.
Clearly, he has no respect for Mary Cheney; has he none as well for the dignity of the office he seeks?

Name the author:

A)Karl Rove

B)Dick Cheney

C)the RNC

D)the New York Post

When even the lib MSM gets this pissy it's a pretty good bet ya'll stepped in it good...

Water Seeks Level

Well, go figger:

Youngsters incarcerated at the Manson Youth Institution in Cheshire, Conn., cast ballots in a mock election yesterday:

The election, which Kerry won 93 to 40, wrapped up an 11-week educational program on the political process that organizers hope will encourage the men to vote when they leave prison. The program taught about the history of the political parties, how to register to vote, and their rights under state voting laws. Inmates also analyzed the issues, debating about the economy, abortion rights, and the war in Iraq.

Kerry scored 70% of the juvenile-offender "vote" (because they're behind bars, and some are minors to boot, they can't cast actual ballots).

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that in a survey of military families, "Bush, who served in the Texas Air National Guard, was more trusted by 69 percent while 24 percent said they trusted Kerry more"--almost a mirror image of the juvenile-hall results.

Via Best of the Web.

All Dyke News, All the Time

Sadly I have to go to "work," but Hugh Hewitt has a motherlode of links about MSM attention to the Kerry/Edwards "Hey, Mary Cheney is a DYKE" debate debacle:

Children as "fair game": The furor grows.

Kerry's abuse of Mary Cheney's privacy receives extensive coverage in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today,and even a front page story in the Los Angeles Times, which tries to help Kerry out by beginning the story: "Long before John F. Kerry said as much in Wednesday night's presidential debate, Mary Cheney had been open about the fact that she is a lesbian." When the most biased paper in America has to defend one the most repulsive candidate actions in modern political history in the first line of a front page story, you know the candidate has committed a colossal blunder.

Incredibly, in all the ink in all of these stories, there is not one mention of Kerry's campaign manager's description of Mary Cheney as "fair game" in the post debate spinning. (The Wall Street Journal's editorial on the subject today did catch and focus Mary Beth Cahill's stunning admission.) When John Edwards lamely tries to claim innocent or even noble motives for the Kerry-Edwards low blows, keep in mind that "fair game" is a hunting term, a clear giveaway that the Kerry-Edwards campaign planned the attack as an attack. As most of the stories admit somewhere along the line, this was a malicious attempt to hurt Bush-Cheney with fundamentalist Christians. It was gay baiting of the worst sort, as James Taranto branded it yesterday, but the real anger in America is over the exploitation of children by Kerry-Edwards. My post here explains that the widespread anger and revulsion isn't about the particulars of using Mary Cheney's sexuality at all. It is the product of the "leave the kids out of it" sentiment that nearly all Americans hold and which until this campaign was respected by both parties and all candidates. Anger at the breach of that rule was compounded by the churlishness of Elizabeth Edwards' "a certain amount of shame" comments, which was a direct attack on the Cheneys' relationship with their daughter.

The Party of Anti-Intellectualism

While I will be voting for the Oregon constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, I still think Jeff should marry me. Aside from his obvious beauty, he is one funny and smart cookie, as seen in this post:

In Slate's Bush/Kerry roll call of American writers almost all declare for Kerry, & almost none mention Islamofascism. This explains why there's no literature of 9/11, the seminal event of our time. Jihad can't fit into the tiny worldview of Vietnam-era liberalism, blinkered by sentimental Rousseau & neo-Marxist canards (see Dissent: Can There Be a Decent Left?). These poseurs purport to chronicle their world, but their Richter Scale 9/11 silence gives them away: they're not writers, they're tourists.

Nail on the head, he gets right to a point that has long bothered me: the "enlightened" left is so profundly narrow-minded, ignorant and, well, ANTI-intellectual it is jaw dropping. Read his entire post, it is just blistering in it's condemnations and highlights the utter elitist ignorance that makes up the left's "intellectual vanguard."

It has always amused me that the party that defines the mainstream, what with nearly all of Hollywood and that creative community, the MSM, publishing, television, etc et alia, avowing its' opinions on everything from abortion to religon to social theory, would somehow think itself avant garde. Are you kidding me? It reminds me of some years back when "Cider House Rules" won an Oscar for, if memory serves, best screenplay. John Irving, the author, mentioned how brave everyone involved was for making such an important pro-abortion film...HUH? This was "brave?" Can you imagine an anti-abortion film ever getting made at all, let alone being widely distributed, set aside winning any awards!?! But there they all were, patting themselves on the back so hard they nearly fell off the stage, utterly missing the fact that it is they who set the agenda, control the media and disseminate their views with unfettered, NEVER permitting opposing views equal time, thought or consideration. Laughable.

John and Mary

Seems my sense on the Kerry/Mary Cheney deal was pretty right on.Glenn had a jillion posts and links, as well as most other big bloggers. Dick and Lynne Cheney both had published comments, Lynne's "These are just not good men" (to paraphrase) being my favorite. The MSM has, per the norm, either blown it off or downplayed it, although no less a sycophant Democrat the Howie Fineman had to admit

But do you like one who mentions someone else’s child to make a nasty political point? There were no laughs but gasps in the press room when Kerry noted that Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary, was a lesbian.

Gasps perhaps, but fear not, the wagons are already circled and the Kedwards Krew will get more or less a pass on this as they have on Kerry's unreleased military records, or his voting record in 20 years of Senate activity, or even his failure to EVER clarify a single one of his "plans." Frustrating and oh so typical.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mary Cheney and the Democrats

Ever since Edwards odd debate comment about LESBIAN Mary Cheney, a number of homos I know have been irked, angered and annoyed. The cycle seemed pretty limited to some of my more vocal and shrill pals, and I have to admit I didn't give it much thought. But now that Kerry went LESBIAN too, the issue has somewhat stepped up.


Everyone I heard or seen is appalled at Kerry's bringing up Cheney's gay daughter. Of course, Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's campaign manager said that Mary Cheney is "fair game." Fair game! That's appalling! If a Republican did that about a Democrat's family member, the media would spend the entire next week talking about that. Instead, people like Andrea Mitchell on Imus today, will criticize it and then just move on.

"...that won't fly after Kerry bizarrely, needlessly and explicitly raised the subject again ("I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, ....") There must be some Machiavellian strategy behind the Democratic urge to keep bringing this up--most likely it's a poll-tested attempt to cost Bush and Cheney the votes of demographic groups (like Reagan Dems, or fundamentalists) who are hostile to homosexuality or gay culture or who just don't want to have to think about it. Or maybe Kerry was just trying to throw Bush off stride. In either case, the fake embrace was even creepier coming from Kerry than it was coming from Edwards--Edwards had at least been debating Cheney at the time."

and here

Y'know, it was fairly shady when John Edwards made a point of bringing Dick Cheney's daughter into the debate last week. Kerry's insistence on gratuitously pulling her in made me want to spit at the screen. Nothing about the point he was making required it; using people's relatives to score debating points is high on the list of classless moves.

are some examples of more mainstream bloggers, or at least not self identified gaybloggers, responses. I'm beginning to agree--As a self professed "sexually ambiguous American," I ain't diggin' it. It makes me uneasy to say the least because A) I dont need Kedwards to smile approvingly and pat my people on the head to prove their openmindedness, if that's what this is all about and/or B) As with most things Democrat, I smell some form of rat here. The Edwards moment was weird, the Kerry moment was downright creepy. Again, this is a prime example of the entire "lie of omission" MO of the media, as there will be no MSM follow-up on the WHY of this strange tactic, there will be no question or inquiry. Sadly, gay Democrats and liberals will let this all slide too, mark my words. One can only imagine if the rolls were reversed and Bush/Cheney had made mention of a Kerry/Edwards gay kid...

The Mania

David Horowitz has a great overview of the insanity of the Anti-Bush brigades in the media.

For two years, George Bush has been derided as a "moron," a "dummy," and a Cheney "puppet" by liberal elites, even though his college test scores rank his intelligence in the top 10 percent of the nation, and even though newspapers give him full credit for orchestrating his own alleged vendettas. He has been accused of being a military "deserter" despite the failure of the media to prove this charge in four election campaigns, despite his logging 574 air hours in a plane dangerous enough to be referred to as "the widow-maker," and despite his honorable discharge from the service.

As President, he has been denounced as a traitor who has "betrayed" Americans, a liar, a corrupt manipulator who misled America and sent its young and innocent to battle in full knowledge that their mission was fraudulent and their deaths needless. It has been charged that the sole reason he sent the young to die was to line the pockets of his corporate Texas cronies. He has been accused in advance of being responsible for any dirty nuclear bomb that terrorists detonate in the United States. And these are merely the attacks originating with Al Gore and Ted Kennedy before spreading through the Democratic ranks. Not a single Democrat, by the way, has stood up to deplore the recklessness of these smears, or to speculate on how such attacks might affect the fortunes of the troops under the President's command. Instead of fulfilling their role as neutral arbiters of the facts, the media have regularly given these destructive and despicable accusations a free pass.

The personal attacks on Bush began even before the war in Iraq started - a war authorized and justified by Bill Clinton and Al Gore and ratified by the majority of congressional Democrats in the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998; then ratified again in the congressional Authorization of Force Act of October 2002. John Kerry signed on to both resolutions before he turned his back on them because Howard Dean was passing him in the polls. These attacks on a President carrying out a bipartisan policy began with an unconscionable personal strike by Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle on the eve of the war. Even as our troops moved into harm's way to enforce United Nations Resolution 1441, which called on Saddam to disarm or else, Daschle claimed that Bush's "failed diplomacy" - not Saddam's intransigence - was responsible for the war.

It's a good start, but one could never really capture all the endless smears, distortions and lies. It gives me pause--The Democrats and to a lesser degree even the liberals I know are not stupid, evil people. Generally speaking they are just average, nice folk who really just want to get along. So HOW can they turn a blind eye to this?

The only true and lasting scandal of the Republicans was Watergate. What was the Republican response? Shun Nixon for the most part. I can hardly believe that the utter filth of this campaign on the part of Democrats is less destructive to the country, any easier to prove nor any less scandalous then any Nixonian misdeed, and yet I have not encountered one D who reviles it, nor denounces it, nor for that matter will even admit the abject garbage pail their party, and it's adjunct the MSM, has become. It amazes me to this day.

At this point the scales have tipped so far that no serious Democrat can even approach something resembling a return to civility without fixing his own house first and foremost. Thus far it has been my experience that Democrats are really not so good at the self reflection, preferring to cast blame outward solely. Any hope for a brighter furure in the "arena of ideas" seems dim at best...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Positive or Negative

Our pal Kos has an interesting post on the campaign ad buys and their reflection on states that are in play and have been given up on by each side...How Oregon got dropped I have no idea as both B/C & K/E are hectoring me via the TV every 3 seconds! But I digress...What I found most interesting was this:

One more stat -- an objective look at who is running negative ads.

Bush Campaign and coordinated RNC:
Positve: 36%
Contraast: 34%
Negative: 30%
Kerry Campaign and coordinated DNC:
Positve: 16%
Contraast: 84%
Negative: 0%
DNC (independent):
Positve: 0%
Contraast: 4%
Negative: 96%

Groups supporting Bush:
Positve: 0%
Contraast: 51%
Negative: 49%
Groups supporting Kerry:
Positve: 0%
Contraast: 56%
Negative: 44%

(Emphasis added but spelling errors left alone 'cause it's funny) While I am always loathe to see the word "objective" used by any Democrat, I thought it amazing that even they cede the overwhelming negativity of their campaign.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Being Stupid is Easy

When one decides to be a Democrat, a huge part of the bargin is denying reality. While that would seem to be a difficult task for even the most brain damaged, mouth breathing Republican, the Demos have their pals MAINSTREAMMEDIA to help. Aside from making up the news (see CBS and the ABC memo), they also help by just ignoring news that hurts them! Afghanistan has had elections...Australia has re-elected a Pro-America, Pro-War leader...Let's just ignore that.

Is it just me?

Out here in the Northwest wilds of Portland, Oregon, the KerryKrew is running a million ads, but in 2 of them they link Bush/Cheney to the Saudi Royal Family, the second of which has Kerry invoking the latest Demo Demon Paper Tiger himself...Now is it just me, or is this not TOTALLY INSANE Michael Moore level bull-droppings? Bush is aligning with the Saudis at America's expense for...why? Halliburton profits? Cheney" DId Karl Rove tell him to? This shit is NUTS! Their internal polling must be horrid if they are this desperate. And by the way, what happened to the "Bush/Cheney/Rove/Halliburton will lower prices of gas right before the election because he is in bed with the Saudi Royal Family" line of conspiracy? Oh, I forgot...Anything is real in the Demo Party so long as they say it is, and what with fuel being $2.00+ at the pumps they can forget the old bullshit for the new bullshit! Damn it's easy being a Demo...

An Agenda for the (gay) People

Witty, smart and beautiful Jeff has uncovered the Gay Agenda over at the Conjectuer. Here is a sampling:

5. Old Business
A. Continue Destruction of Modern American Family
B. Continue Support for Communists
C. Defame Christ
D. Continue Control of all Media with the help from the Jews
E. Further Brainwash America’s Youth
F. Erode the Moral Fabric of America

6. New Business
A. Proposal to Aid Terrorists
B. Destroy the Economy with help from Environmentalists
C. Infiltrate the Military
(except for the Navy--we’re already there)
D. Master Plan to Uncomfortably Titillate Homophobes
E. Change National Anthem to a techno remix
F. New Rainbow American Flag
G. Teach Gay Sex Techniques in Elementary Schools

Maybe John Edwards can find a way to attach this to Dick Cheney ala the infamous debate outing!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Blog Bitch

Blogging is a bitch right now as the computer I use is all but dead...Anything takes years to complete and if I go offline I have to reboot the whole damn thing to get AOL to run again! Oy vey! I just want you to appreciate how much suffering I do for you...

Rich Galen

Mullings is a great, funny email...I'll just let this tidbit stand uncommented on:

I suspect a good deal of what the press doesn't like about the Bush campaign is not connected to the Bush campaign. It goes back to the Swift Boat Veterans ads following Kerry's convention.

Those ads did a great deal of damage and the charges went largely unanswered by the Kerry campaign. The charges did not, however, go unanswered in the press. The national press corps took it upon themselves to do Kerry's job for him.

While it was suggested that a $250,000 ad buy marked the end of political fairness forever, there has been a suspicious lack of reporting about the tens of millions of dollars which have been poured into the campaign to defeat President Bush by billionaire George Soros.

Who? George Soros? Never heard of him? What a surprise.

A Google news search last night found a reference on the MSNBC web page which was the on-line version of a piece in this week's Newsweek. The international edition of Newsweek. In that story, reporter Marcus Mabry writes that Soros plans to spend up to $25 million of his own money in the anti-Bush effort.

If a Republican were spending $25 million to defeat John Kerry he (or she) would be portrayed as being so dangerous to the political process that Lord Voldemort would look like Shirley Temple in comparison.

So, I don't think Mark Halperin meant to do any damage the Bush campaign. But when this campaign is over, the press corps owes everyone a full-scale review of what they covered and how they covered it.


Here's a copy of a group email I sent out this AM:

Here's the deal: I no longer will engage any of you in political discourse until you can name the top 5 reasons you are a Kerry supporter, and then we will discuss/debate those practical points. No more nonsense, no more lame, boring Bush attacks, no more endless streams of BS that always get refuted by me and add up to nothing. Ya'll can continue to email me all the stuff you want, but it ain't gonna be responded to.
Until the tenor of our debate is raised by you guys, no mas.
Go vote!

Bottom line...I'm bored with them all! Usually I enjoy the sparring I do with my Demo Amigos, but please. No mas! I used to think they at least had the courage of their convictions to debate, but anymore it is amazing how so many different people could be in such groupthink. I don't know if they all read the same MSM or blogs or get bulkmail from the DNC, but it is astounding how similiar they all are. The last few days have been the BUSH EARPIECE scandal! Sacre bleu, Bush is getting live feeds from Karl Rove! Look, look! Photoshopped pics of Bush with bumps and bulges and wires and...oh shut up. Jesus. When Drudge had his big "Kerry papers" thing going on after the first debate I mentioned it or blogged it exactly: NEVER. It's boring. I don't need scandal and kerry-bash to support my opinions and worldview.

No, the democrat tenor of debate is just, well, boring now, at least among the 20 or so who hector me near daily. No one is emailing me saying "Boy, Kerry sure schooled Bush on ________ (abortion, the economy, the war on terror, fill in the blank) when he said ________ (anything solid...not "I have a plan")." Even after the first debate, which I called as a Kerry win on substance, the mentality and comment I got from my Demo brood was...wait...guess..."Bush looked like a fool/monkey/drooling idiot." All the aforementioned ARE actual quotes from emails, a small sampling.

Yawn. Until I start getting some substance from my buddys the embargo goes on. I have a much better time, and actually learn new things, debating with my fellow Repubs about the differences we have within our party. My Repub Buds run the gamut from "Bush is a true leader for his stance on the war on terrorists" to "Bush is at least anti-abortion, even though he's wrong about everything else" to full scale kool-aid drinking "Bush is the new Reagan!!!" types...all in all a well rounded, differentiated, interesting group. With all but 100% of my Demos being nothing more then scandal spouting, argument abandoning (when the facts abuse their position), anti-Bush at all costs crusading zealots, why bother? If anyone comes up with the 5 reasons I will blog it here, but none of us are holding out breath...

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Largest American Oil-For-Food scandal profiteer? DEMOCRAT fat cat Oscar Wyatt.

The main stream media reverts to faking the news to sway the election.

Their candidate uses fake racism to scare black people.

(Thanks for the pic Sondra).

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Times They are a-Changin'

The NY Times is almost talking about the Oil for Food Scandal. Kerry's campaign adjunct, his sister, failed to disrupt the re-election of John Howard, our Australian ally in Iraq. Bush is at 50% in the polls for the first time in the election cycle. CBS and Dan Rather are all but dead in the water, with ABC potentially following suit. Be it the blogs, FoxNews, talk radio or a combination or permutation thereof, the times have changed. The days of Democrat spin and lies being the sole source are at least dying, if not dead. It's a new world out there, and it's exciting to be watching it. The hysteria of the libs and demos certainly lends credence to the zeitgeist I sense, and even that is more fun to watch then it has been in the past.

Like a lot of politically conservative folk I know, I look forward to this more for the hope that the Democrats will become a formidible ideology again, that they will mean something and enable the whole tenor of political discussion to rise becasue THEY have something to say once again. The harsh reality is that John Kerry has advanced not a single idea, goal or "plan" that means anything. He is the anti-Bush, that's it. His ideology, if we examine his past voting record and activities, is atavist left, anti-war, anti-United States 60s radical gone button down sell-out at its' very worst. If elected, he would be the richest man ever to hold the presidency. He will not release his wife's tax returns, a first for a presidential contender, yet rides the coattails of the Democrat past to actually attempt to position himself as "looking out for the little guy." He is a Limo liberal of the highest order, yet his supporters swallow his hollow populist rhetoric whole. This has got to take its toll, and coupled with the currents noted above, it is likely to end soon. At a certain point even the worst lefty zealot will have to start facing the facts, and maybe ask a bit more of their party...

Hugh Hits It

Hugh Hewitt hits it right on:

In the past eight days, John Kerry has:

*announced to a national audience that American actions in defense of national security must pass a "global test";
*announced that he would sell nuclear fuel to Iran;
*could not answer, and badly filibustered a question on what he would do if Iran continued to push towards nuclear weapons acquisition;
*denounced as unilateralism the conation that George Bush put together to overthrow Iraq, and called for unilateral appeasement of North Korea;
*compared Iraq to Lebanon, but insisted a summit could entice other countries to join the effort in Iraq, even after the French and the Germans announced they would not do so even if Kerry was elected;

There's a lot more, go check it out. And while perusing, make sure to check out his Presidential Debate Scorecard, always a must read...He's by far the fairest debate pundit I have found yet. Vodka has decided to have a real life and denied us some tasty live drunkblogging of the debate, but he promises to bring it tonight via the magic of Tivo...


Clearly a vast DNC plot, the combo of cheapass comupter, rotten server and, probably, operator error had landed me all but computerless for a while, but I'm back now. Poor you.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Dog frees friends for food raids

You've got to love this story.

Dog frees friends for food raids
By Bo Wilson, Evening Standard

A dog outsmarted staff at Battersea Dogs' Home by breaking out of his kennel on a nightly basis to raid the kitchen.

The lurcher, called Red, unbolted his door before releasing his favourite canine companions.

Mystified staff at the animal shelter arrived in the morning to discover the dogs running amok through the centre. The reason for the breakouts only came to light after video surveillance was installed.

Shown on GMTV today, the footage reveals Red escaping and then pushing back the bolts on the other dogs' kennels to free them too.

Becky Blackmore, from Battersea Dogs' Home, said: "We had come in to chaos in the morning. It happened probably about a dozen times. We would come in to lots of dogs out on their block."

Red arrived at Battersea in June in an emaciated state which, staff believe, is the reason for his urge to seek out food. His kennel has now been made more secure.