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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

An Agenda for the (gay) People

Witty, smart and beautiful Jeff has uncovered the Gay Agenda over at the Conjectuer. Here is a sampling:

5. Old Business
A. Continue Destruction of Modern American Family
B. Continue Support for Communists
C. Defame Christ
D. Continue Control of all Media with the help from the Jews
E. Further Brainwash America’s Youth
F. Erode the Moral Fabric of America

6. New Business
A. Proposal to Aid Terrorists
B. Destroy the Economy with help from Environmentalists
C. Infiltrate the Military
(except for the Navy--we’re already there)
D. Master Plan to Uncomfortably Titillate Homophobes
E. Change National Anthem to a techno remix
F. New Rainbow American Flag
G. Teach Gay Sex Techniques in Elementary Schools

Maybe John Edwards can find a way to attach this to Dick Cheney ala the infamous debate outing!


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