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Friday, October 15, 2004

All Dyke News, All the Time

Sadly I have to go to "work," but Hugh Hewitt has a motherlode of links about MSM attention to the Kerry/Edwards "Hey, Mary Cheney is a DYKE" debate debacle:

Children as "fair game": The furor grows.

Kerry's abuse of Mary Cheney's privacy receives extensive coverage in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today,and even a front page story in the Los Angeles Times, which tries to help Kerry out by beginning the story: "Long before John F. Kerry said as much in Wednesday night's presidential debate, Mary Cheney had been open about the fact that she is a lesbian." When the most biased paper in America has to defend one the most repulsive candidate actions in modern political history in the first line of a front page story, you know the candidate has committed a colossal blunder.

Incredibly, in all the ink in all of these stories, there is not one mention of Kerry's campaign manager's description of Mary Cheney as "fair game" in the post debate spinning. (The Wall Street Journal's editorial on the subject today did catch and focus Mary Beth Cahill's stunning admission.) When John Edwards lamely tries to claim innocent or even noble motives for the Kerry-Edwards low blows, keep in mind that "fair game" is a hunting term, a clear giveaway that the Kerry-Edwards campaign planned the attack as an attack. As most of the stories admit somewhere along the line, this was a malicious attempt to hurt Bush-Cheney with fundamentalist Christians. It was gay baiting of the worst sort, as James Taranto branded it yesterday, but the real anger in America is over the exploitation of children by Kerry-Edwards. My post here explains that the widespread anger and revulsion isn't about the particulars of using Mary Cheney's sexuality at all. It is the product of the "leave the kids out of it" sentiment that nearly all Americans hold and which until this campaign was respected by both parties and all candidates. Anger at the breach of that rule was compounded by the churlishness of Elizabeth Edwards' "a certain amount of shame" comments, which was a direct attack on the Cheneys' relationship with their daughter.


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