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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Andrew Sullivan's (Queer)Bait & Switch

What the hell has happened to this guy? Once was the day that he and I shared pleasant email exchanges. At one point I even told him I'd take him to the raunchy male strip clubs out here in Portland whenever he came out this way (he declined...I shoulda known then he was off). Now I rarely go to his site, and when I do I am usually left slack jawed. Today is no different:

The Cheneys didn't respond to Jim DeMint's gay-baiting in South Carolina, or Alan Keyes' direct insult of their own daughter in Illinois. They have not voiced objections tio a single right-wing piece of homophobia in this campaign or the anti-gay RNC flier in Arkansas and West Virginia. But they are outraged that Kerry mentioned the simple fact of their daughter's openly gay identity. What complete b.s. In the short run, this hurts Kerry. Prevailing disapproval of homosexuality means that most people regard mentioning anybody's lesbianism as an insult and inappropriate. But long-term, the Republican bluff has been called. The GOP is run, in part, by gay men and women, its families are full of gay people, and yet it is institutionally opposed to even the most basic protections for gay couples. You can keep up a policy based on rank hypocrisy for only so long. And then it tumbles like a house of cards. Kerry just pulled one card from out of the bottom of the heap. Watch the edifice of double standards slowly implode. Gay people and their supporters will no longer acquiesce in this charade. Why on earth should we?

The first thing that began to turn me off Andy was his lame single issue mania about anything gay or gay marriage related. One thing I adore about my party is that we generally eschew single issue politics, instead looking at "big picture" approaches to issues such as smaller government, lower taxes, a strong military, etc., etc. In my life that has meant that no Republican I know has ever treated me poorly because of my sexual proclivities, because I never weilded them as an issue. Sullie has always been GAY first, conservative or Repub second. That's a Demo approach, so much so that it has always made me leery of his Bona Fides. It defies logic to approach the Kerry/Dyke enbroglio by saying "Well, it's 'bad for Kerry' but even though there are homos all throughout the Repub party they are homophobic because they won't let me get married." Huh? Last I checked Kerry nixes gay marriage as well, and is a gay baiting asshole too boot. But, eh, it's really the Repubs because, well, I say so? Fuck off! Text book Demo (queer) bait and switch.


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