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Monday, October 11, 2004


Here's a copy of a group email I sent out this AM:

Here's the deal: I no longer will engage any of you in political discourse until you can name the top 5 reasons you are a Kerry supporter, and then we will discuss/debate those practical points. No more nonsense, no more lame, boring Bush attacks, no more endless streams of BS that always get refuted by me and add up to nothing. Ya'll can continue to email me all the stuff you want, but it ain't gonna be responded to.
Until the tenor of our debate is raised by you guys, no mas.
Go vote!

Bottom line...I'm bored with them all! Usually I enjoy the sparring I do with my Demo Amigos, but please. No mas! I used to think they at least had the courage of their convictions to debate, but anymore it is amazing how so many different people could be in such groupthink. I don't know if they all read the same MSM or blogs or get bulkmail from the DNC, but it is astounding how similiar they all are. The last few days have been the BUSH EARPIECE scandal! Sacre bleu, Bush is getting live feeds from Karl Rove! Look, look! Photoshopped pics of Bush with bumps and bulges and wires and...oh shut up. Jesus. When Drudge had his big "Kerry papers" thing going on after the first debate I mentioned it or blogged it exactly: NEVER. It's boring. I don't need scandal and kerry-bash to support my opinions and worldview.

No, the democrat tenor of debate is just, well, boring now, at least among the 20 or so who hector me near daily. No one is emailing me saying "Boy, Kerry sure schooled Bush on ________ (abortion, the economy, the war on terror, fill in the blank) when he said ________ (anything solid...not "I have a plan")." Even after the first debate, which I called as a Kerry win on substance, the mentality and comment I got from my Demo brood was...wait...guess..."Bush looked like a fool/monkey/drooling idiot." All the aforementioned ARE actual quotes from emails, a small sampling.

Yawn. Until I start getting some substance from my buddys the embargo goes on. I have a much better time, and actually learn new things, debating with my fellow Repubs about the differences we have within our party. My Repub Buds run the gamut from "Bush is a true leader for his stance on the war on terrorists" to "Bush is at least anti-abortion, even though he's wrong about everything else" to full scale kool-aid drinking "Bush is the new Reagan!!!" types...all in all a well rounded, differentiated, interesting group. With all but 100% of my Demos being nothing more then scandal spouting, argument abandoning (when the facts abuse their position), anti-Bush at all costs crusading zealots, why bother? If anyone comes up with the 5 reasons I will blog it here, but none of us are holding out breath...


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