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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Depth and the Left

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One thing that has confounded me throughout this election cycle is the abject lack of depth to the left's positions. I cannot debate any lefty in a meaningful way because I can find no one with any grasp of the issues of any depth, profundity or even coherence. It appears I am not alone. Ray D of Davids Medienkritik takes on no less then George Soros himself, and the results are unbelieveable.

You have got to read the whole thing, but the short story on it is that Mr. D sent Soros an email discussing America's role in Iraq with the historical perspective of WWII and our success reforming Germany and Japan. He touches briefly on the inaction of the UN and the roles played by Russia and France and Saddam's ability to manipulate Europe's innate hostility toward America. To his surprise, Soros responded, and the answer is, as the lawyers would say, "nonresponsive." It is also misleading, poorly articulated and dismissive. AND THIS IS GEORGE SOROS! Ray D's response to Soros is so good, so important, so INTELLIGENT that I shall refrain from clipping any of it. It is Breathtaking.

Back to my point--It appears that the reason I cannot find a good fight among the libs is because, if Kerry and Soros are articulating their points at the high end of the spectrum, there ARE NO POINTS. I have no idea who Ray D is, he may be some big muckity-muck in his choosen field, but I know that he is not a multibillionaire who has vowed to spend "every dime of my fortune" to effect the outcome of the election, I know he does not bankroll Moveoff.pig and it's subsidiary the DNC. And yet he has absolutely eviscerated Mr Soros and the ideas he represents. Clearly it is not only the Oregon Demos who have lost it, it's the entire party...Yet, in an odd way, I don't find that fact heartening in the least...

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