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Monday, October 04, 2004

Dog frees friends for food raids

You've got to love this story.

Dog frees friends for food raids
By Bo Wilson, Evening Standard

A dog outsmarted staff at Battersea Dogs' Home by breaking out of his kennel on a nightly basis to raid the kitchen.

The lurcher, called Red, unbolted his door before releasing his favourite canine companions.

Mystified staff at the animal shelter arrived in the morning to discover the dogs running amok through the centre. The reason for the breakouts only came to light after video surveillance was installed.

Shown on GMTV today, the footage reveals Red escaping and then pushing back the bolts on the other dogs' kennels to free them too.

Becky Blackmore, from Battersea Dogs' Home, said: "We had come in to chaos in the morning. It happened probably about a dozen times. We would come in to lots of dogs out on their block."

Red arrived at Battersea in June in an emaciated state which, staff believe, is the reason for his urge to seek out food. His kennel has now been made more secure.


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