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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Forget Nader, It's the Benjamins, Baby!

Poor Mickey Kaus has a minor panty twist going over whopping ONE POINT rise in the Washington Post poll. Please. What he should sweat is this tasty tidbit:

Republican National Committee $93,577,251
National Republican Congressional Committee $25,587,757
National Republican Senatorial Committee $22,488,596
TOTAL $141,653,604
Democratic National Committee $55,671,864
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $20,848,852
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $10,584,957
TOTAL $87,105,673

Now, the Demos do have their fat 527s, but toward the end of the elections, these $$ figures mean a lot more "I am George Bush and I approved this message" ads. Thus far the millions and millions and MILLIONS that Soros and other Billion- and Millionaire champions for the little working man have dumped into the giant Demo crap machine has really gotten them nada, particularly in comparison to the truly independently funded Swiftvets. This being the case I guess we call all look forward to more hysteria, more panic and more laughs from the Demo campaign assault machine.


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