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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Hugh Hits It

Hugh Hewitt hits it right on:

In the past eight days, John Kerry has:

*announced to a national audience that American actions in defense of national security must pass a "global test";
*announced that he would sell nuclear fuel to Iran;
*could not answer, and badly filibustered a question on what he would do if Iran continued to push towards nuclear weapons acquisition;
*denounced as unilateralism the conation that George Bush put together to overthrow Iraq, and called for unilateral appeasement of North Korea;
*compared Iraq to Lebanon, but insisted a summit could entice other countries to join the effort in Iraq, even after the French and the Germans announced they would not do so even if Kerry was elected;

There's a lot more, go check it out. And while perusing, make sure to check out his Presidential Debate Scorecard, always a must read...He's by far the fairest debate pundit I have found yet. Vodka has decided to have a real life and denied us some tasty live drunkblogging of the debate, but he promises to bring it tonight via the magic of Tivo...


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