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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Log Cabin Burns Down

GayPatriot has got the goods on the Log Cabin "Republicans:"

GayPatriot Exclusive: Log Cabin GOP Political Director Unmasked As Former Edwards Campaign Operative
In a major blow to the credibility of the national Log Cabin Republicans organization as a moderate voice in the Republican Party, newly discovered documents reveal that the person who manages the national Log Cabin political operation is, in fact, a long-time operative for the John Edwards Democratic Presidential campaign.

According to documents faxed to me yesterday (detailed in the section below), and corroborated by multiple sources, Log Cabin Political Director Christopher Barron headed up volunteer efforts for the John Edwards for President campaign for the Washington, DC area. Barron was hired by new Executive Director Patrick Guerriero as part of his management team. According to three different sources, Barron has separately confirmed his connection to the Edwards campaign in the past

Congrats to GayPatriot (I would have gone with "Gaytriot," but that's me) for breaking what would be a huge story were the political roles reversed. Don't expect giant outrage from, say, the Advocate, since it's only us mean Republicans getting screwed with...But really, aside from Andrew Sullivan (that's I guess...I stopped reading him too long ago to say for sure), who gives a shit what the Log Cabin Boys say anyway? I have always thought they were a bit of a joke, and resent their intrusive "special interest group" politics being rammed up the arse of the Republican Party...

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