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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Mania

David Horowitz has a great overview of the insanity of the Anti-Bush brigades in the media.

For two years, George Bush has been derided as a "moron," a "dummy," and a Cheney "puppet" by liberal elites, even though his college test scores rank his intelligence in the top 10 percent of the nation, and even though newspapers give him full credit for orchestrating his own alleged vendettas. He has been accused of being a military "deserter" despite the failure of the media to prove this charge in four election campaigns, despite his logging 574 air hours in a plane dangerous enough to be referred to as "the widow-maker," and despite his honorable discharge from the service.

As President, he has been denounced as a traitor who has "betrayed" Americans, a liar, a corrupt manipulator who misled America and sent its young and innocent to battle in full knowledge that their mission was fraudulent and their deaths needless. It has been charged that the sole reason he sent the young to die was to line the pockets of his corporate Texas cronies. He has been accused in advance of being responsible for any dirty nuclear bomb that terrorists detonate in the United States. And these are merely the attacks originating with Al Gore and Ted Kennedy before spreading through the Democratic ranks. Not a single Democrat, by the way, has stood up to deplore the recklessness of these smears, or to speculate on how such attacks might affect the fortunes of the troops under the President's command. Instead of fulfilling their role as neutral arbiters of the facts, the media have regularly given these destructive and despicable accusations a free pass.

The personal attacks on Bush began even before the war in Iraq started - a war authorized and justified by Bill Clinton and Al Gore and ratified by the majority of congressional Democrats in the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998; then ratified again in the congressional Authorization of Force Act of October 2002. John Kerry signed on to both resolutions before he turned his back on them because Howard Dean was passing him in the polls. These attacks on a President carrying out a bipartisan policy began with an unconscionable personal strike by Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle on the eve of the war. Even as our troops moved into harm's way to enforce United Nations Resolution 1441, which called on Saddam to disarm or else, Daschle claimed that Bush's "failed diplomacy" - not Saddam's intransigence - was responsible for the war.

It's a good start, but one could never really capture all the endless smears, distortions and lies. It gives me pause--The Democrats and to a lesser degree even the liberals I know are not stupid, evil people. Generally speaking they are just average, nice folk who really just want to get along. So HOW can they turn a blind eye to this?

The only true and lasting scandal of the Republicans was Watergate. What was the Republican response? Shun Nixon for the most part. I can hardly believe that the utter filth of this campaign on the part of Democrats is less destructive to the country, any easier to prove nor any less scandalous then any Nixonian misdeed, and yet I have not encountered one D who reviles it, nor denounces it, nor for that matter will even admit the abject garbage pail their party, and it's adjunct the MSM, has become. It amazes me to this day.

At this point the scales have tipped so far that no serious Democrat can even approach something resembling a return to civility without fixing his own house first and foremost. Thus far it has been my experience that Democrats are really not so good at the self reflection, preferring to cast blame outward solely. Any hope for a brighter furure in the "arena of ideas" seems dim at best...


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