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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mary Cheney and the Democrats

Ever since Edwards odd debate comment about LESBIAN Mary Cheney, a number of homos I know have been irked, angered and annoyed. The cycle seemed pretty limited to some of my more vocal and shrill pals, and I have to admit I didn't give it much thought. But now that Kerry went LESBIAN too, the issue has somewhat stepped up.


Everyone I heard or seen is appalled at Kerry's bringing up Cheney's gay daughter. Of course, Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's campaign manager said that Mary Cheney is "fair game." Fair game! That's appalling! If a Republican did that about a Democrat's family member, the media would spend the entire next week talking about that. Instead, people like Andrea Mitchell on Imus today, will criticize it and then just move on.

"...that won't fly after Kerry bizarrely, needlessly and explicitly raised the subject again ("I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, ....") There must be some Machiavellian strategy behind the Democratic urge to keep bringing this up--most likely it's a poll-tested attempt to cost Bush and Cheney the votes of demographic groups (like Reagan Dems, or fundamentalists) who are hostile to homosexuality or gay culture or who just don't want to have to think about it. Or maybe Kerry was just trying to throw Bush off stride. In either case, the fake embrace was even creepier coming from Kerry than it was coming from Edwards--Edwards had at least been debating Cheney at the time."

and here

Y'know, it was fairly shady when John Edwards made a point of bringing Dick Cheney's daughter into the debate last week. Kerry's insistence on gratuitously pulling her in made me want to spit at the screen. Nothing about the point he was making required it; using people's relatives to score debating points is high on the list of classless moves.

are some examples of more mainstream bloggers, or at least not self identified gaybloggers, responses. I'm beginning to agree--As a self professed "sexually ambiguous American," I ain't diggin' it. It makes me uneasy to say the least because A) I dont need Kedwards to smile approvingly and pat my people on the head to prove their openmindedness, if that's what this is all about and/or B) As with most things Democrat, I smell some form of rat here. The Edwards moment was weird, the Kerry moment was downright creepy. Again, this is a prime example of the entire "lie of omission" MO of the media, as there will be no MSM follow-up on the WHY of this strange tactic, there will be no question or inquiry. Sadly, gay Democrats and liberals will let this all slide too, mark my words. One can only imagine if the rolls were reversed and Bush/Cheney had made mention of a Kerry/Edwards gay kid...


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