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Friday, October 29, 2004

NY Times, Oregonian Style

Making up news as fast as he can, Oregonian "writer" Mike Francis out New York Times the New York Times, even going them one better:

Six months after the fall of Baghdad, a vast Iraqi weapons depot with tens of thousands of artillery rounds and other explosives remained unguarded, according to two U.S. aid workers who say they reported looting of the site to U.S. military officials.
The aid workers say they informed Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez, the highest ranking Army officer in Iraq in October 2003 but were told that the United States did not have enough troops to seal off the facility, which included more than 60 bunkers packed with munitions.
"We were outraged," said Wes Hare, city manager of La Grande, who was working in Iraq as part of a rebuilding program. A colleague who also visited the depot, Jerry Kuhaida, said it appeared that the explosives at the Ukhaider Ammunition Storage Area had found their way to insurgents targeting U.S. forces.

While Wes Hare is a realtively unknown commodity, he is active in the extraordinarily Anti-War "Third Way" Mennonite Community. Here's a quote from old Wes: "I believe the Lord hears the cries of the poor. I have seen from the 60's on, faith in poor people that far exceeds the faith I have seen in the middle class. I see the struggle that poor people have had. I see the judgments that are put on poor people. I see the punitive behavior of this culture that maintains barriers, in whatever forms they take, that makes it inevitable that poor people remain poor." Hmmm...Obviously NOT a man with an agenda.
As to Jerry Kuhaida, he is an anti-war activist and member of "Occupation Watch." Sayeth Kuhaida: "We can't even get our own people in the United States to vote, how are we going to do that in Iraq?" he wondered. "We needed to at least do some strategizing and thinking, but I saw no evidence that we were doing that."
"There was no plan at all after the war," he added. "The whole thing was running on a whim, basically. There wasn't even a bad plan out there. I am totally disturbed by my government and the lies that were told to me. I take them personally."

Far be it from me to suggest that the extreme anti-war backgrounds of the only 2 sources for a major page 1 above the fold story should maybe have bearing on the legitamacy, or at least political bent, of the story. And it is most certainly not that the Oregonian or its' writers or editors have an agenda in the election or anything...


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