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Friday, October 15, 2004


Will the John-John ticket get a pass for invading Mary Cheney's privacy twice by injecting her into debates before a national audience, and then insulting her parents by accusing them of being ashamed of their daughter?
That's to be determined.
But let's be clear on one thing.
However despicable the Democrats' conduct is on a personal level, it becomes even more reprehensible when one considers that John Kerry is running for the presidency of the United States.
Clearly, he has no respect for Mary Cheney; has he none as well for the dignity of the office he seeks?

Name the author:

A)Karl Rove

B)Dick Cheney

C)the RNC

D)the New York Post

When even the lib MSM gets this pissy it's a pretty good bet ya'll stepped in it good...


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