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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Party of Anti-Intellectualism

While I will be voting for the Oregon constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, I still think Jeff should marry me. Aside from his obvious beauty, he is one funny and smart cookie, as seen in this post:

In Slate's Bush/Kerry roll call of American writers almost all declare for Kerry, & almost none mention Islamofascism. This explains why there's no literature of 9/11, the seminal event of our time. Jihad can't fit into the tiny worldview of Vietnam-era liberalism, blinkered by sentimental Rousseau & neo-Marxist canards (see Dissent: Can There Be a Decent Left?). These poseurs purport to chronicle their world, but their Richter Scale 9/11 silence gives them away: they're not writers, they're tourists.

Nail on the head, he gets right to a point that has long bothered me: the "enlightened" left is so profundly narrow-minded, ignorant and, well, ANTI-intellectual it is jaw dropping. Read his entire post, it is just blistering in it's condemnations and highlights the utter elitist ignorance that makes up the left's "intellectual vanguard."

It has always amused me that the party that defines the mainstream, what with nearly all of Hollywood and that creative community, the MSM, publishing, television, etc et alia, avowing its' opinions on everything from abortion to religon to social theory, would somehow think itself avant garde. Are you kidding me? It reminds me of some years back when "Cider House Rules" won an Oscar for, if memory serves, best screenplay. John Irving, the author, mentioned how brave everyone involved was for making such an important pro-abortion film...HUH? This was "brave?" Can you imagine an anti-abortion film ever getting made at all, let alone being widely distributed, set aside winning any awards!?! But there they all were, patting themselves on the back so hard they nearly fell off the stage, utterly missing the fact that it is they who set the agenda, control the media and disseminate their views with unfettered, NEVER permitting opposing views equal time, thought or consideration. Laughable.


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