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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Positive or Negative

Our pal Kos has an interesting post on the campaign ad buys and their reflection on states that are in play and have been given up on by each side...How Oregon got dropped I have no idea as both B/C & K/E are hectoring me via the TV every 3 seconds! But I digress...What I found most interesting was this:

One more stat -- an objective look at who is running negative ads.

Bush Campaign and coordinated RNC:
Positve: 36%
Contraast: 34%
Negative: 30%
Kerry Campaign and coordinated DNC:
Positve: 16%
Contraast: 84%
Negative: 0%
DNC (independent):
Positve: 0%
Contraast: 4%
Negative: 96%

Groups supporting Bush:
Positve: 0%
Contraast: 51%
Negative: 49%
Groups supporting Kerry:
Positve: 0%
Contraast: 56%
Negative: 44%

(Emphasis added but spelling errors left alone 'cause it's funny) While I am always loathe to see the word "objective" used by any Democrat, I thought it amazing that even they cede the overwhelming negativity of their campaign.


At October 13, 2004 at 6:44 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

What's with the typos? Didn't he learn his lesson with his nationally syndicated Screw-em typos? What's THAT about??


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