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Monday, October 11, 2004

Rich Galen

Mullings is a great, funny email...I'll just let this tidbit stand uncommented on:

I suspect a good deal of what the press doesn't like about the Bush campaign is not connected to the Bush campaign. It goes back to the Swift Boat Veterans ads following Kerry's convention.

Those ads did a great deal of damage and the charges went largely unanswered by the Kerry campaign. The charges did not, however, go unanswered in the press. The national press corps took it upon themselves to do Kerry's job for him.

While it was suggested that a $250,000 ad buy marked the end of political fairness forever, there has been a suspicious lack of reporting about the tens of millions of dollars which have been poured into the campaign to defeat President Bush by billionaire George Soros.

Who? George Soros? Never heard of him? What a surprise.

A Google news search last night found a reference on the MSNBC web page which was the on-line version of a piece in this week's Newsweek. The international edition of Newsweek. In that story, reporter Marcus Mabry writes that Soros plans to spend up to $25 million of his own money in the anti-Bush effort.

If a Republican were spending $25 million to defeat John Kerry he (or she) would be portrayed as being so dangerous to the political process that Lord Voldemort would look like Shirley Temple in comparison.

So, I don't think Mark Halperin meant to do any damage the Bush campaign. But when this campaign is over, the press corps owes everyone a full-scale review of what they covered and how they covered it.


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