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Saturday, October 30, 2004

See All the Monsters

New to me blogger Korla Pundit has the scariest monster post I have ever seen...Here are a few teases, without the corresponding excellent photos, so git on over there and take in all Korla's mad brilliance!

One of these brides (and her mate) tried to destroy the doctor who had created them. The other bride (and her mate) tried to destroy the entire medical Industry.

One is a heartless, hideous monster who haunts the Paris Opera House — a corruption of a man — so obsessed with the crystal chandeliers and fine wine that he is blind both to the fact that his actions are resulting in the deaths of innocents and the fact that he is actually living in a sewer. The other was portrayed by Lon Chaney.

One sucks blood. The other just sucks.

H/T Insta


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