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Friday, October 29, 2004

Some People Shouldn't Vote File

J'adore Kaus (practicing my french for a possible Kerry victory), but how did he run this this item sans comment?

A kf colleague who spends a lot of time in Miami worries about those lost-and-remailed Broward County absentee ballots:
Broward is Florida's #1 stronghold of elderly, Democratic mostly Jews who are used to having a month to send in their absentee ballots... I ordered two of those ballots for my mother-in-law and aunt - both too disabled to make it to the polls. So even if they find them, most of these folks will not be able to vote before Tuesday. And sending them out today really doesn't work for most of the old folks that live in Broward- as half of them need help in filling out a ballot - because of infirmities etc. I think this is a huge deal - and could cost Kerry the state.

I'm supposed to buy that THIS is the big key to a Kerry loss in Florida? These folk need...a month? 2? Maybe we can just send them ballots for next election NOW and they can just take their time. Please...

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