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Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Times They are a-Changin'

The NY Times is almost talking about the Oil for Food Scandal. Kerry's campaign adjunct, his sister, failed to disrupt the re-election of John Howard, our Australian ally in Iraq. Bush is at 50% in the polls for the first time in the election cycle. CBS and Dan Rather are all but dead in the water, with ABC potentially following suit. Be it the blogs, FoxNews, talk radio or a combination or permutation thereof, the times have changed. The days of Democrat spin and lies being the sole source are at least dying, if not dead. It's a new world out there, and it's exciting to be watching it. The hysteria of the libs and demos certainly lends credence to the zeitgeist I sense, and even that is more fun to watch then it has been in the past.

Like a lot of politically conservative folk I know, I look forward to this more for the hope that the Democrats will become a formidible ideology again, that they will mean something and enable the whole tenor of political discussion to rise becasue THEY have something to say once again. The harsh reality is that John Kerry has advanced not a single idea, goal or "plan" that means anything. He is the anti-Bush, that's it. His ideology, if we examine his past voting record and activities, is atavist left, anti-war, anti-United States 60s radical gone button down sell-out at its' very worst. If elected, he would be the richest man ever to hold the presidency. He will not release his wife's tax returns, a first for a presidential contender, yet rides the coattails of the Democrat past to actually attempt to position himself as "looking out for the little guy." He is a Limo liberal of the highest order, yet his supporters swallow his hollow populist rhetoric whole. This has got to take its toll, and coupled with the currents noted above, it is likely to end soon. At a certain point even the worst lefty zealot will have to start facing the facts, and maybe ask a bit more of their party...


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