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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Cool Consequences

One of the reasons I helped Wiz with the blog awards was to find new (to me) blogs. One recent discovery is Ghost of a Flea. What a great site, what a cool guy. Right off the bat he directed me to the OneLook Reverse Dictionary. You have to check it out! Ah, the wonders of the interweb.

Outrage of the Day

Protest suits cost city $300,000
Portland is preparing to pay 12 people who say they were injured during dissent against President Bush and the Iraq war. The city of Portland is poised to pay a $300,000 settlement to 12 people who claimed police used excessive force against them during the protest of President Bush's visit to Portland in August 2002 or two anti-war marches in March 2003.

That's right, Portland is essentially paying protestors now. One would think that, oh, throwing yourself in front of police, screaming, ranting and acting like a maniac MIGHT be mitigating factors, but not here in rainy Portland, Or! Per the norm, the protestors are claiming "excessive force," and the fact that they created the situation is a non-factor. Gee, I went down to watch a couple of these protests and I managed to NOT get pepper-sprayed, smacked in the noggin or "beaten." Guess I should have tried harder, I could use the extra $$.

Why Why Whine Whine

So I am helping Wizbang with the Webbies , no big deal. I have my categories and all I have to do is tabulate the votes, make sure links are good and send them back to him in order as hyperlinks. Easy enough, right? Okay, so WHY is it NOW that this piece o' crap "computer" decides to freeze up 5, count 'em FIVE times, and both AOL (I know, I know) AND Yahoo decide that they cannot possibly send hyperlinked mail? WAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa...Jesus, I know I'm not exactly a Glennesque brainiac, but please. PS I sent my lists off already, so any further attempts at bribery will be fruitless. But I do like candy, just so ya know...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Yushchenko Mystery Disease Update

Image Hosted by The Image HostingImage Hosted by The Image Hosting

It appears the Yushchenko mystery disease situation has grown worse, as the updated progression noted above indicates. I will be monitoring Drudge for updates throughout the day and break them as they come in.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Assassination Attempt in Columbia?

According to this story from the AP, FARC was said to have called for an attack on Bush while he was in Columbia:

BOGOTA, Colombia -- Colombia's main rebel group asked followers to mount an assassination attempt against President Bush during his visit to Colombia last week, Defense Minister Jorge Uribe said. There was no evidence Saturday that rebels even tried to organize such an attack.

Uribe told reporters late Friday that informants said the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC, told followers to attack Bush during his four-hour visit in the seaside city of Cartagena last Monday, where he met with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Certainly puts Bush's reaction to the incident in Chile in a new perspective. One has to assume the President has been fully briefed on all and any manner of threats against him, and that being said there may be more to this Powerline post I had previously mentioned. Very bad.

Where's Jimmy?

Glenn has been a good clearing house on the situation in the Ukraine, and you can find other updates here, here, here and elsewhere on the interweb. But where are Jimmy Carter and his illustrious Carter Center? Here they are prior to our recent elections:

There is a crisis of confidence in America both at home and abroad. Starting with the 2000 presidential election and continuing until today, the concepts of democracy and what it means to be American have taken a beating. From the disenfranchised Florida voters to the suspect reasoning for entering into a pre-emptive war against Iraq, confidence and trust in the United States is at an all-time low. We have lost the respect of our friends around the world. So, as we approach another presidential election, rebuilding the reputation of America as a strong and true democracy is of the utmost importance.

Funny how these folks are always either silent or on the wrong side of history, Ce n'est pas ?

Thursday, November 25, 2004


TBIFOC is so funny I had to share:

There's one thing I like about parades. All we ever see of parades in other countries are the soldiers marching and the latest mock-ups of their weapons systems that their scientists are still trying to work the bugs out of.
But in America...Gigantic green frogs. Or gay yellow squares wearing pants.
These are not our missiles or tanks or divisons trundling down the streets for our citizens to applaud, screaming "Death to Iran! Death to Iraq!" No, instead, they're standing around and sucking down two-dollar bottled waters while trying not to freeze their nipples off from the wind chill.
But, from the perspective of a citizen more used to the latest weapons systems being paraded past the starved-citizens to look upon and mumble "So that's where the agriculture and public health budgets went," this display of inflated cartoon characters could be a show of force.
Imagine being in Fallujah when the Marines pull out and then this wafts by the mosque:
Is it full of nerve gas?
Is it going to explode?
Will hamburgers and fries start shooting out of its butt?
Is it going to come to life and eat us all?
Our enemies must be horribly confused by this behavior. I know I am.

You gotta hit the link to see the accompanying pictures, but his whole blog is well worth the visit!

The Economist Does Dan & the Blogs

Drudge links to a great article from the Economist that is theoretically about the unseating of Dan Rather, but is really all about blogs:

...within 14 hours internet sleuths had shown that the documents were forgeries. Mr Rather stood by his story for 12 excruciating days, while his supporters arrogantly contrasted the network's rigorous fact-checking with “a guy sitting in his living room in his pyjamas writing”. But the pyjama guy turned out to be right.
Mr Rather's retirement epitomises two broader shifts of power. First, the old media are losing power to the new. And, second, the liberal media establishment is losing power to a more diverse cacophony of new voices.
...The bloggers have often been at their most devastating when they have been criticising the old media for bias. Their favourite target has long been the New York Times, where they helped to remove the paper's previous editor, Howell Raines. But CBS is also a juicy target. Why, the bloggers are now demanding, is Mr Rather being allowed to keep a full-time job working for “60 Minutes”, the very programme whose reputation he has besmirched? “This is not a victory,” proclaims, before declaring its intention to keep attacking CBS.

As is said, read the whole thing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Paging Jim Treacher

Paging Jim Treacher, new morons located at Apologiesaccepted.

Public Service

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Our local food inspectors offer an online service to check out the latest health code stats on your fav dining emporium. Nothing's more helpful then finding out the place you've been eating regularly has problems with rodent feces to get you in the dieting mood.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Trouble at the Doublewide

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Why does this not surprise me:
Saudis, Arabs Funneled Millions to President Clinton's Library
LITTLE ROCK, ARK. - President Clinton's new $165 million library here was funded in part by gifts of $1 million or more each from the Saudi royal family and three Saudi businessmen.
The governments of Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar and the deputy prime minister of Lebanon all also appear to have donated $1 million or more for the archive and museum that opened last week...
Information about the donors is available to the public on a single touch-screen computer mounted on a wall on the third floor of the recently opened library. Eventually, most who have contributed $100,000 or more will be listed on a wall in the museum's lobby, Mr. Kessel said.
However, some donors have asked that their names not be released. "We don't have many," Mr. Kessel said, adding, "It doesn't involve anyone controversial."
The computer lists donors by categories that correspond to the size of the gift. But there are no dollar figures provided for each of the funding levels.
Asked why the donor categories were not publicly defined, Mr. Kessel said,"It was a decision we made.We really don't need to at this point."

More and more the old adage that "What they accuse you of they are guilty of" voiced by Rush, Sean and countless others is just laugh-out-loud-ably true.

Monday, November 22, 2004

JFK Reloaded

Traffic games of Scotland is releasing JFK Reloaded, a game based on the assassination of John F Kennedy:

A British company said Sunday it was releasing a video game recreating the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy...
The Glasgow-based firm Traffic said "JFK Reloaded" was an educational "docu-game" that would help disprove conspiracy theories about Kennedy's death. The game is due to be released today, the 41st anniversary of the shooting in Dallas.
Traffic said the game challenged players to re-create the three shots fired at the president's car by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald from the Texas School Book Depository.

I am sure there will be lots of outrage, just like when Knopf published "Checkpoint," a book urging the assassination of George W Bush. In fact, here are some of the outraged views:

"Compelling . . . a passionate cry from the heart." --USA Today

“A ripped-from-the-headlines docudrama for the printed page, a timely and tense screed for a divided country hurtling toward who knows where.” --Associated Press

"Checkpoint is about limits - of presidential power, of law, of discourse, of rationality, and of language itself." --Boston Phoenix

"Sly, slender but important . . . Baker excels at writing about those facets of the human experience we prefer to hide." --David Kipen, San Francisco Chronicle

"This novel could be a kind of record of our times. . . . Its goal is to take [the] internal combustion process of hatred and anger and make it visible--which Baker does brilliantly." --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Baker's new novel checks its inhibitions at the door . . . entertaining, edgy and unpredictable." --Las Vegas City Life

“If one of our supreme chroniclers of mild manners can be roused to such patriotic indignation, democracy yet has a fighting chance.” --LA Weekly

"On the whole, Baker improves upon Samuel Beckett's [Godot]. Baker's jokes will make people, rather than theatre majors, laugh." --P. J. O'Rourke, Los Angeles Times

"An astonishing, uncomfortable conversation. Baker has a real ear for the cadence and wryness of the modern intelligentsia." --Portland Oregonian

“Checkpoint is like a hornet: It’s small, quiet, with a sinister aspect to its midday peregrinations, and it has a stinger: conscience.” --Toronto Globe and Mail

"High humor, ghastly seriousness." Kirkus (starred review)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Really Scary

I am not a paranoid type, but this post from Powerline is truly terrifying to me. I hadn't thought about the actualities of it before, posting only on my respect for Bush as a man of action, but when I read this it chilled me. Hopefully Dafydd ab Hugh is all wrong:

Judging from your comments, I don't think you guys realize the seriousness of what happened in Chile. Let me put it into perspective: the president has been marked for death by hundreds of terrorist groups; he is in a foreign country, one where there have been near contintuous riots against America and against him, personally, over the Iraq War; as he's walking into a banquet hall, the local police intentionally cut him off from his security detail.

If the first thought that popped into your mind when you heard about that was not "assassination," then your mind is still laboring in a pre-9/11 world.

It's entirely possible that rather than "rescuing" his detained Secret Service detail, Bush in fact saved his own life. If there was a plan, if this wasn't just a random act of rudeness by the Chilean police (why would they do that?), then Bush's quick thinking may have forced the would-be attackers to abort the operation.

This little incident needs a thorough and complete investigation by Chile, as well as by the CIA. The incident the next day -- where the Bush team demanded everyone at the next banquet pass through metal detectors -- shows that they had the same thought I did (and we all should have had); the fact that Chile refused, even to the point of scuttling the party, is troubling, to say the least.

There are a lot of people out there who want to see George W. Bush dead; alas, there are a lot of heads of state who would not shed a tear. In this day and age, when armed local cops intentionally cut the president off from his security detail, that should be taken as no less a violent act that when an anti-aircraft missile battery "paints" an American plane with fire-control radar.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

An historic event, a liberal admitting being in error! Frank J found it on Roger Ebert's website:

Q. In your Ebert & Roeper review of Michael Wilson's "Michael Moore Hates America," you blurted out an erroneous opinion, expressing your doubts about the film's claim that the Canadian crime rate is double the U.S. rate.
I checked with, listed as "the official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products," and with the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics. The bottom line: These sites agree with Wilson's assertion that crime in Canada is much worse than in the USA.

James Elias, Highland Ranch, Colo.

A. Astonishing. For the year 2003, per 100,000 population, Canada had 8,530 crimes, and the U.S. 4,267. For crimes of violence, 958 vs. 523. For property crimes, 4,275 vs. 3,744. Michael Wilson, director of the film, tells me: "There was originally a comedic segment in the film that attributed this to the proliferation of Tim Horton's doughnut franchises, but I could not make it work."

What's the big deal, you say? We all admit when we are wrong, big whop-de-doo. Well, yes, all the conservos I know have no problem saying the occasional "Oops" or even the "Oh yeah, you're right. I see your point." But a liberal? Never. Lest you forget I recently had a battle with a lib about Nixon resigning vs. being impeached. These are not the sort that are so honest as Mister Ebert was here, and I say we applaud it! Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Why I Love Fox News, pt MCMLXXXVIII

On Fox News Sunday this morning, during the "all star panel" segment, Juan Williams was blathering on about how the appointment of Margaret Spellings to Education was a negative. At one point he noted that this appointment belied the arrogance of Bush, she being such a loyalist and all. Everyone, including NPR news babe Mara Liasson, busted up into laughter! It was a beautiful moment, and shows why Fox is leading in the ratings. When confronted with such obvious, absurd Demo spin these guys do what any rational person would do! Poor Juan looked like as sheepish as can be, but gimme a break. Just a fleeting moment, but so nice to see.

GOP Eats Children, Again

This just in via email:


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
led by Bush appointees, plans to launch a
new study in which participating low income
families will have their children exposed
to toxic pesticides over the course of two
years. The study entitled CHEERS (Children’s
Environmental Exposure Research Study) will
look at how chemicals can be ingested,
inhaled or absorbed by children ranging
from babies to 3 years old.
(emphasis added)

Well that certainly comes as no surprise, as we all know that the GOP seeks only to destroy the world for Halliburton, and eats and/or poisons the children in our free time. Which is all fine, except that much like every other hysterical, asinine Demo scandal, this is a bunch of bullshit:

...(I)t is misleading to characterize the study, as the above email flier does, as one in which "participating low-income familes will have their children exposed to toxic pesticides." Among the stated requirements for participation is the following:
"Maintain your normal pesticide or non-pesticide use patterns for your household. We will not ask any parent to apply pesticides in their home to be a part of this study."
According to an EPA memo explaining the postponement of the study, its design will be submitted to an expert panel for review and may be "refined" based on their recommendations before it is implemented.

Boy, the interweb sure has made the whole Democrat "Make stuff up" politic a lot less fun...

All the Bloviating, None of the Bad Breath

From Sean Gleeson, a chance to talk to a run of the mill "progressive" without all the bad breath, bulging eyes and flying spittle!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Loving Hate

What's with all this hatin' hate lately? First there's all the hub-bub over the Pacers/Pistons game, which frankly is the first time I have ever found basketball fun exciting watchable. And then this:

You know the kind of guy we mean, dear reader: Drowning in Abercrombie & Fitch gear, the frat guy is a full-time acquaintance-rapist who is moonlighting as a student. (Or should we say daylighting as a student?) In general, the frat guy has the brainpower of the average mollusk. Yet, unlike a mollusk, the frat guy does not have a soft unsegmented body that is usually enclosed in a calcareous shell. The idiot.

With stuff like this, how could anyone hate the brilliant works of The Hatemonger's Quarterly?
Now it's "Bad Girls" on Cops, so I'm out...Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Let's See...

Nancy "Goat" Pelosi is running around decrying the Repubs dismantling a rule regarding (fakely) indicted leaders stepping down, a rule the Demos have NEVER HAD FOR THEMSELVES.
We have "Florida was stolen, part deux."
And I am getting emails such as this:
Nixon was impeached. He was not removed from office (by the process), neither was Bill Clinton.
Andrew Johnson was the only President impeached and removed from office.

When I gently noted (using the very link the emailer had sent to "support" his contention) the fact that old Tricky was in fact NOT impeached I got yet another email directing me to some online dictionary, with an admonishment that I look up "impeachement" as I was CLEARLY too stupid to get it...

Has anyone on the left not lost their mind?

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Bush Kicks Some Ass, Literally

From a Drudge link:
Bush Pulls Top Security Agent From Fracas
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - President Bush stepped into the middle of a confrontation and pulled his lead Secret Service agent away from Chilean security officials who barred his bodyguards from entering an elegant dinner for 21 world leaders Saturday night...The incident happened after Bush and his wife, Laura, had just posed for pictures on a red carpet with the host of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and his wife, Luisa Duran.
As Bush stepped inside, Chilean agents closed ranks at the door, blocking the president's agents from following. Stopping for more pictures, Bush noticed the fracas and turned back. He reached through the dispute and pulled his agent from the scrum and into the building.
The president, looking irritated, straightened his shirt cuffs as he went into the dinner. The incident was shown on APEC television.

That is so hot! I am sure the usual pussies will be whimpering about it, but this just makes me love W even more. Nice having a MAN in the White House!

Sign the Petition

A Marine shot and killed a "wounded" terrorist. A Marine in the same unit had been killed just a day earlier when he tended to the booby-trapped dead body of an insurgent. NBC reported that the Marine seen shooting the Iraqi insurgent had himself been shot in the face the day before, but quickly returned to duty. About a block away, a Marine was killed and five others wounded by a booby-trapped body they found in a house after a shootout with insurgents. Amnesty International has noted reports that insurgents have used mosques as fighting positions, and have used white flags to lure Marines into ambushes. The Marine who shot the insurgent has been withdrawn from the battlefield pending the results of an investigation, the U.S. military said. SIGN THE PETITION to exonerate this American soldier and hero.
(H/T Ace)

Friday, November 19, 2004

2004 Weblog Awards

Scoot on over and vote for your faves!

2004 Weblog Awards - Logo by Suzy Rice

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why I read Betsy's Page Ever Day

When a blogger makes the comment "... clean out these Augean stables, he will truly be Herculean," how could you not? Betsy is a daily must.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's Llama v. Camel. In the words of the profit Rev. Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"

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Washington Goes Purple

The Governor's race in Washington continues to be a nail biter. As of this AM, the Secretary of States website shows the race at Christine Gregoire (D) 1367346 48.87%, Dino Rossi (R) 1367365 48.87%, Ruth Bennett (Libertarian) 63062 2.25%. That's about as close as it gets. If the final count has a difference of less than 2000 votes it is automatically recounted, bringing the earliest hopes for a final vote to 02 December.

Clinton Bibliothèque

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Professor Bainbridge is not being helpful bringing us this from the Economist, but I am assured his intentions were good:

PASSERS-BY seem to feel the same way about the William J. Clinton Presidential Centre. They say the building, a mammoth modern glass rectangle, resembles an expensive mobile home. Not exactly what Bill Clinton wants to hear about his $165m shrine to himself.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Washington Looking a Little Redder

According to the Washington Secretary of State's site, the gubernatorial race is still close as can be, edging Republican:

Christine Gregoire
Democrat 1345945 48.85%

Dino Rossi
Republican 1347865 48.92%

Ruth Bennett
Libertarian 61349 2.22%

Be sure to check in at Sound Politics for updates and info, they are an invaluable resource. This state should go Repub Red if only as an homage to SondraK, to whom EVERY Washingtonian is indebted.

Carville on MTP

Never thought I'd write these words, but I'm liking James Carville these days. He just smashed an egg on his bald pate in response to a Russert quote about his pre-election call of a Kerry victory to emphasize his current "egg on my face" position. He's persisting with the "Hollywood homos" line which is just lame, but he has been saying things that need be said elsewhere. Maybe I understand, a little, why Mary Matalin married him...Okay the line he just uttered, "The only politician I know with a mandate is Jim McGrevey" was pretty funny too.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Jonathan Last Takes Off the Tin Hat

Powerline led me to a good article by Last in the Daily Standard, "Saving John Kerry." It's a step away from the coming irrelevance of the Democratic party, should they as a body start trending in this calm, even keeled direction. While I may be a hardcore Repub I do not wish for the demise of the Demos, but I have little hope for them should they continue along their current lines. Attempting to make their loses about gay marriage or ignorant Southern crackers or Jesusland or any of the rest of what passes for "thought" amongst the party to date will surely be their eventual death knell as it is simply not true.

Here in Portlandia among the many Demo/libs I know there was palpable hatred of Bush pre-election. That's all fine and dandy except for the fact that not one of the haters could articulate WHY they hated him. There were lots of rumblings about "lies" and "fascism," but like any house of cards, these bullshit lines fell apart when we got specific. Taking as a defining article of faith "facts" that are not real leads inevitably to a weak hand, and baseless beliefs. Now the pre-election hate has transferred to the manic "blame anyone else" tactic seen broadly across the national Demo scene. What has been consistently lacking in my interactions with the Demo/lib crowd has been an iota of introspection or desire to clean up or at least clarify their own party.

In 1992, after the Pat Buchanan values speech at the Repub convention, I had to take a hard look at the party I belonged to, and their seeming dislike of me as a weirdo first and gay too boot. That led to my bailing on Bush the elder and voting Perot, embarrassing though that may be to admit. But when I saw my party adrift I, like many other disaffected Repubs, took action within my own party. Never was it my desire to look elsewhere for a solution-- It wouldn't even occur to me.

I think what we are seeing is historical in that it is a major, major turning point for the Demos. They have to start the oftimes painful process of growing up. I certainly don't see a lot of desire toward doing the hard work on the ground here in Portland, but at least Last is trying to head the Demos in the right direction. Bravo for him.

Why I Love Portland Oregon Update

The aforementioned creature has been identified and taken home! Not a capabari at all, it turns out he was a Patagonian cavy. Happy endings all around. Portland is weird.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Friday, November 12, 2004

Big Dick Cheney

Yet more unsuprising info. Too bad it's only out now, we may have gotten the all-important Sully vote!

Overexposed! A photo of Dick Cheney is unexpectedly revealing. (Help find the pic!)
Milwaukee Magazine | December 2004 | Peter Robertson
Posted on 11/10/2004 7:28:03 PM PST by July 4th
Joining Dick Cheney's motorcade in Green Bay, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Dale Guldan hoped to capture a unique image during an otherwise scripted campaign visit in September.
Did he ever.
Jumping on and off the press bus, Guldan says he took hundreds of pictures at well-orchestrated photo opportunities...
Guldan got a call from readers the next day. "Did you notice anything unusual about that picture?" the reader asked.
Upon closer inspection, it seems the Vice President's smile was not his, ahem, biggest asset.
"You're not imagining it," Guldan says of the unintentionally revealing photo.
Let's just say the snugness of Cheney's pants left little to the imagination, and we're not talking about his waistline...
"It's nice to have someone of that magnitude in the White House," Brandt joked.
"He's got a porn career right there," Caine snickered...

Which certainly explains some things.
Image Hosted by The Image HostingImage Hosted by The Image Host

I Do

From the Llamabutchers, to the Redhead we come to Veiled Conceit, a brilliant new blog that takes on the New York Times wedding announcements! Jeez Louise, pretty soon even their weather reports are gonna get shredded by the great unwashed masses! Sample snip:

Laundry-room Lothario
Witness the insatiable passion of Gilberto:

One August morning in 2001, I entered my apartment building and noticed a woman with an hourglass figure and extraordinary curling locks of red hair, Mr. Tollinchi said.

How timeless. His words have captured the female form at a moment when it defies all classification, refusing to be bent by trend or whimsy, likely the very vision that has captivated poets since time began. Then he fucks it all up by finishing

But he could not get a look at her face, he added, because it was "sheltered by outsize Gucci sunglasses."

I, Personally, Am Very Shocked

Who would ever have thunk it? A new Pew Survey released today shows the following:

While most of the journalists, like many Americans, describe themselves as "moderate," a far higher number are "liberal" than in the general population.
At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative. At Web sites: 27% call themselves liberals, 13% conservatives.
This contrasts with the self-assessment of the general public: 20% liberal, 33% conservative.
The survey of 547 media professionals, completed this spring, is part of an important study released today by The Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Committee of Concerned Journalists, which mainly concerns more general issues related to newsrooms (an E&P summary will appear Monday).

Taking into consideration the anecdotal experiences I have had-- Neigh unto 100% of liberals I know lie about their orientation, preferring less partisan sounding monikers-- and the results are truly frightening.

Why i Love Portland Oregon, pt MCMLXIII

The lead story on the 11 o'clock news last night was the tale of an odd creature picked up by the local Humane Society. They think it is a Capibara but no one is sure. How can you NOT love a city that has that as a nightly news lead?

Image Hosting by The Image Hosting


Image Hosted by The Image Hosting I rarely watch TV, other than Cops, but for some unknown reason I watched E.R. last night, and luckily enough it was a "very special episode" starring mister Ray Liotta. Is primetime tv REALLY this bad? Holy feathery Christ, what crap! It saddens me to think that my fellows actually watch and/or like this garbage. And mister Ray Liotta looked like hell, even without the very special old drunk make-up. Yikes.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

How Can You Tell

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Anymore it is near impossible to tell if the DemoLosers are even being serious...

Since the New Deal, Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans; Social Security, the war in Vietnam, equal rights, civil liberties, church- state separation, consumer issues, public education, reproductive freedom, national health care, labor issues, gun policy, campaign-finance reform, the environment and tax fairness. No political party could remain so consistently wrong by accident. The only rational conclusion is that, despite their cynical "family values" propaganda, the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests, and absolutist religious groups.

It's one thing to be wrong, but what can you say to total, utter, complete ignorance of history, fact and reality? What's sicker still is that I know Demos who will read this and, while giving a public face of tsk-tsking this sort of inane ranting, secretly totally agree. Dowd, Krugman, Friedman...These people are irrational, and far too many Demos I know slug down the same kool-aid. Sad, sad, sad...

Peru's Gay Army

We are all very relieved by this:

LIMA (AFP) - Peru's constitutional court has granted gays in the military the freedom to have sex, declaring that a rule which had deemed such relations illegal was unconstitutional.
The army's rule had stipulated that military personnel could not engage in sexual relations with persons of the same sex either within or outside their barracks.
But constitutional court official Samuel Abad dubbed that rule "completely discriminatory."
Gays in the armed forces had been subject to expulsion or prison sentences if they engaged in homosexual relations, even outside their barracks, under a rule that Aldo Araujo of Lima's Homosexual Movement gay rights group declared "a violation of people's right to privacy."

Phheww. I was concerned that our Peruvian gay soldier pals were being oppressed by evil GOP bastards. Thank GOD they are so advanced down there in Peruland.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Revolution Will Accept Visa/Mastercard

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The crack young staff of the Hatemonger's Quarterly found a wonderful site where you can pick up all the "unamerican t-shirts, Anti corporate t-shirts" you could ever need, as well as some spiffy mugs, coasters and "mouse-mats."

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Filthy Ass Lies

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I am most assuredly not a Sully Butt-Watcher! Maybe a butt-glancer, but only in the car-crash sense.

Dean Esmay is the Man

Dean Esmay hits it straight outta the park, putting to words damn near 100% of my thoughts on Democrats, the election, the war and being a punk rock (or in his case Grateful Dead) Republican.

A lot of us grew up being told to question authority, and a lot of that authority we now question is the left-wing orthodoxy of your generation, an orthodoxy many of us bought into as it was taught to us in school, in the books we read, and especially in the universities, not to mention in a lot of what we see out of Hollywood today.
We came to reject a lot of that orthodoxy as we got older and learned to think better for ourselves--not because we "embraced the establishment," but because we were questioning the establishment. You may laugh, but a whole lot of what's "questioning the establishment" to you seems like the establishment itself to a hell of a lot of people like me. Culturally, at least

You have to read the whole thing, but Dean gets so much right. I too talk to many Democrats who think they are the establishment busting, orthodoxy rejecting, free thinkers when to me they are nothing but apers of the groupthink mentality that is the current Democratic philosophy. What a fantastic way to start my day!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Liberal Protectors

I recently had an emaile exchange with a liberal pal of mine which brought up the greater question of the meaning of modern liberalism and their intentions vs their results:

From my pal:...You choose to enjoy the lifestyle the "liberals" protect for you but you spit upon it. Try dallying with your Mexi friend in the Midwest and see how you are accepted by the populace. Your hypocrisy flies here due to the tolerance of "liberal" and I would say, rational thought but don't try it elsewhere.

My response:...As to any Liberal or Demo "protecting" my rights to be a freak, or more specifically a homo freak, let me offer you this opinion: On the gay rights scene anyone can see that acceptance of "alternative lifestyles" has grown enormously all across America (Try finding a sitcom without a gay character). A recent poll I saw said that "civil unions" were acceptable everywhere the poll was taken by a comfortable majority. Contrary to your OPINION about homosexual acceptance, I have never in my life been denied anything, bullied or hassled because of my sexuality.
However, by attempting to force the gay marriage thing down the collective throat of any community, libs and Demos brought the fight onto themselves--and gays -- and lost. They surely alienated a large portion of the population with their utter disregard for the masses feelings, opinions and tolerance by trying to do this via the courts (Massachusetts, Oregon, et alia) rather than permitting it to go to a vote (every single one of the 11 states that had gay marriage on the ballot it got there via Repub activism against judicial activism). Demo politicians have surely changed middle America's view of gays as just some folks with good taste and weird habits to anti-tradition threats. Demo politicians--via an activist judiciary-- forcing their views of how things should be, and taking an approach of blunt force rather than plurality vote, angers people.
By using gays and gay marriage as part of a social agenda, Demos have created the opportunity for a real and forceful backlash against the many real gains homos have made. When and if this backlash manifests itself I will not look at that as homophobia so much as I will look at it as the price paid--by others--for the attempts at social engineering by Demos. If you have actual, real life examples of Demos or Libs "protecting" my rights I would love to see 'em. Until then, sorry but I see libreralism as vastly more a threat to my standard of living.

Set aside that I am being lectured on gayness by a heterosexual fellow, more to the point it is, to me, specifically this form of elitist, "we know better" thinking that is killing the Demo party. More later, I gotta go to work.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Election '04...Stolen?

From James Taranto, the latest in stolen election technology:

In an Election Day post on a pagan discussion group at, someone using the handle "DragonTDC" offers this explanation for what turned out to be Bush's victory:
I started hearing a calm, resonable [sic], and powerful head-voice saying things like "Kerry doesn't have the experience we need in these troubled times." and "Give Bush a chance to make it better."
Anyone who knows me KNOWS these are not my thoughts!
And besides, I voted last week. No, there's no way in Hades these are my thoughts.
Gods-damn it! The f---ing Republicans have got Magical help pumping out a clear, unified, focused broadcast, and you can be sure, every sensitive is picking it up. These are the people most likely to vote Kerry, and I'd like to think they are resolute enough not to be swayed by telepathic subliminal advertising, but it's such a rarely-done thing, and so few people are properly trained these days, that I fear it will be more effective. Just watch and see who says "I was going to vote for Kerry, but for some reason I changed my mind at the last minute."

Makes as much sense as the rest of the Demo post-election jibberish.

That's It?

And on the eighth day, she spoke:

We Must Have Patience ...Barbra Streisand
Posted on November 8, 2004
In response to the results of the Presidential election last week, I would like to share with you a quote from Thomas Jefferson. Although written in 1798, I feel his words speak perfectly to the strong sentiments of frustration and disappointment 48% of the country feel.

"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles. It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt......If the game runs sometimes against us at home we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake."

Oh YAWN! We wait all this time for a word from on high and this crap is it? I call Bullshit on Babs! I wanted a good old Modo style meltdown. What a gyp.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Waste Train

Doesn't it suck when this happens?

STRASBOURG, France, Nov 7 (AFP) - An anti-nuclear protester died in northeastern France Sunday after being run over by a train carrying nuclear waste from France to Germany, regional authorities said.
The 21-year-old man, who had chained himself to the railway near the city of Nancy, lost a leg after he was crushed by the train and died despite receiving emergency treatment at the scene.
The authorities said the accident happened in the early afternoon in the town of Avricourt after a group of eight people gathered near the main Paris to Strasbourg line, on which the nuclear transport train was travelling.
"After coming out of a corner at reduced speed, the train was apparently confronted with the group, which moved out of the way with the exception of one person, who was hit," a police statement said

Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Time to Heel

The ever eagle eyed Betsy found this one:

Happy 18th MoFo

Happy birthday punk. Even though yer a movie star I still think yer the coolest.

WInners and Losers

My addition:

Lesbianism- Kedwards attempt to drive a wedge into the hearts of those whacky Evangelicals seems to have shown that they have less concern of lesbos than they do of francophiles.
Manliness- Cowboy Bush, bull dog Cheney, Rummy, Condi Rice, et al, this was a manly crew.
Jesus Christ up in Heaven (and making cameo appearances on my blog today)- Probably #1 on KKKarl Rove's speed dial now
Maalox- because losing can cause upset stomach, gas and/or diarrhea

John Stewart- Looks like his (typical)brand of smug self-righteous liberalism failed to drive all that many of his fans to the Kerry rescue
Democrat homophobia- See "Lesbianism" above.
Girly Men- "and we have better hair" seems a bit thin in retrospect now, doesn't it?
Gin Soaked Raisins- No longer slated for FDAapproval as an arthritis cure.


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Thus far I like Ace of Spades and Beautiful Atrocities lists best...And speaking of those 2 pithy wits, I trust you are reading them daily. If not God will punish you as surely as he smited Kerry.

Incoherent in Brazille

Donna Brazille is singin' it over at the Slate Mag "Why Americans Hate Democrats" series:

Today, as liberals, as Democrats, and as progressive voters, we must acknowledge with humility that what we stand for no longer resonates with a sizeable chunk of voting Americans.

I have done you the favor of plucking out the single coherent line in the entire thing. Who are these guys talking to with all of this gibberish?

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Day Four

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As we enter day four of Bush II, where is Barbra? A nation grows concerned.


Poop-poop, ca-ca, waaaa.


An Exciting Election

This is just inexcusably vulgar. I did have a similar reaction to the results, but we'll just leave that be, shall we? Via Protein, Wizbang and a host of other really uptight Jesus freak rightwing bloggers. For shame all of ye.

Nice Lady

Captain Ed has this from the Current Joan Baez Healing Tour:

However, the most remarkable and disturbing episode occurred halfway through the concert when Joan stopped singing and announced that she had "multiple personalities." One of her multiple personalities is that of a fifteen year old poor black girl named Alice from Turkey Scratch, Arkansas. Baez decided to share with us Alice's views on the election. Amazed and horrified I watched a rich, famous, extremely white folksinger perform what can only be described as bit of minstrelsy--only the painted on blackface was missing. Alice, the black teenager from Arkansas Baez was pretending to be, spoke in a dialect so broad and thick that it would put Uncle Remus and Amos and Andy to shame. Baez' monologue was filled with phrases like, "I'se g'win ta" to do this that or the other and dropping all final "g's." Baez as Alice made statements like, "de prezident, he be a racist," and "de prezident, he got a bug fer killin'." Finally, since Bush won the election with 58.7 million votes to Kerry's 55.1 million, Alice observed, "Seems lak haf' de country be plumb crazy."

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Go Now

Go read this man right now. Go. Now.

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Michael Mooronification

The Michael Mooronification of the Democratic Party proved a fatal error. Moore is the chief promoter of what's now the received opinion of Bush among the condescending Left -- Chimpy Bushitler the World's Dumbest Fascist. There are some takers for this view, but not enough. By running a campaign fuelled by Moore's caricature of Bush, the Democrats were doomed to defeat. -Steyn

Hetero Appreciation Day

Jeff has a fabulous idea, Heterosexual Appreciation Day! How I wish I had known earlier as I lived my entire life as usual, doing nothing in homage to the Great Hets of History, nor considering the many great things the Het Community has brought to my own life. But it's not to late for a big THANK YOU to all the Hets that read this blog, so there ya go!

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Not This Crap Again

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I remember when this crap was floatin' around after Bush won 2000. I wonder what strange, empty solace this brings to the Dems..? Oooo...we may have LOST but our IQs are so ever very HIGH. Okay, except this BS was disproved years ago , when it was the fake Gore States Smarter tale. What with all the enormous, gargantuan, bulbous Demo brainpower, ya'll couldn't come up with anything better? Pathetic even in defeat.

Robot Day

Yes, all hail, today is ROBOT DAY. In honor of the knee-jerk, blame everyone else, "there is no mandate" blather and uselessness of the Demos I see, hear and read, today is our semiannual Robot Day. Without the unifying force of an election, local Demos are left adrift, forced to try to think for themselves. In Portlandia on the Willamette we know what that means-- street theater from some and pathetic whining from others. Certainly amongst the Demos I know and love there has been ZERO sign of self-reflection, contemplation or remorse. One and all, like nice robots sadly miswired, they look sad, rant & rave and blame everyone and anything but themselves and their party for yet another loss nationally. Hopefully, in a more enlightened land, Democrats are doing the serious work that need be done to rebuild their party and find a true message.

Bob Shrum and I hit the town


I first saw this map, showing the Red/Blue by counties, over at Sondra K's place...It really says it all. If the Demos I talk to are any barometer, we can look to this map to continue to grow redder and redder as the party on the left continues to mouth the same platitudes about "the Religious Right" and bigots and "no mandate." Here's a mandate: BUSH WON, KERRY LOST. If that is somehow confusing, you may want to consider that the Democrat Party LOST SEATS IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE, AND LOST SEVERAL IMPORTANT GOVERNORSHIPS. Oh, there is a mandate afoot, and the mandate is that the Demos had better get starting on fixing THEIR party, not looking for how others need fixing OR their remedial advise.

The Losers Bring Healing to the Streets of Portland

Showing their inherent desire to "heal" after losing, local Portland Demos took to the streets last night:

Protesters took to the streets of Portland Wednesday, calling for an end to the Iraq war and greater scrutiny of President Bush's re-election victory.
Around 100 people were met by police in riot gear and on horseback. At least three people were arrested, but there were no reports of injuries. Police say some pepper spray was used on the crowd.
Seven were arrested for disorderly conduct, but their names have not been released.
The protesters chanted "Not our president, not our war."
One demonstrator, Eric Blickenstaff of Portland, says he lost his brother in the war in Iraq and that "Our country is in distress. The religious right won the election."

Demo protestors hit the streets

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

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