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Thursday, November 25, 2004


TBIFOC is so funny I had to share:

There's one thing I like about parades. All we ever see of parades in other countries are the soldiers marching and the latest mock-ups of their weapons systems that their scientists are still trying to work the bugs out of.
But in America...Gigantic green frogs. Or gay yellow squares wearing pants.
These are not our missiles or tanks or divisons trundling down the streets for our citizens to applaud, screaming "Death to Iran! Death to Iraq!" No, instead, they're standing around and sucking down two-dollar bottled waters while trying not to freeze their nipples off from the wind chill.
But, from the perspective of a citizen more used to the latest weapons systems being paraded past the starved-citizens to look upon and mumble "So that's where the agriculture and public health budgets went," this display of inflated cartoon characters could be a show of force.
Imagine being in Fallujah when the Marines pull out and then this wafts by the mosque:
Is it full of nerve gas?
Is it going to explode?
Will hamburgers and fries start shooting out of its butt?
Is it going to come to life and eat us all?
Our enemies must be horribly confused by this behavior. I know I am.

You gotta hit the link to see the accompanying pictures, but his whole blog is well worth the visit!


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