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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dean Esmay is the Man

Dean Esmay hits it straight outta the park, putting to words damn near 100% of my thoughts on Democrats, the election, the war and being a punk rock (or in his case Grateful Dead) Republican.

A lot of us grew up being told to question authority, and a lot of that authority we now question is the left-wing orthodoxy of your generation, an orthodoxy many of us bought into as it was taught to us in school, in the books we read, and especially in the universities, not to mention in a lot of what we see out of Hollywood today.
We came to reject a lot of that orthodoxy as we got older and learned to think better for ourselves--not because we "embraced the establishment," but because we were questioning the establishment. You may laugh, but a whole lot of what's "questioning the establishment" to you seems like the establishment itself to a hell of a lot of people like me. Culturally, at least

You have to read the whole thing, but Dean gets so much right. I too talk to many Democrats who think they are the establishment busting, orthodoxy rejecting, free thinkers when to me they are nothing but apers of the groupthink mentality that is the current Democratic philosophy. What a fantastic way to start my day!


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