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Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Economist Does Dan & the Blogs

Drudge links to a great article from the Economist that is theoretically about the unseating of Dan Rather, but is really all about blogs:

...within 14 hours internet sleuths had shown that the documents were forgeries. Mr Rather stood by his story for 12 excruciating days, while his supporters arrogantly contrasted the network's rigorous fact-checking with “a guy sitting in his living room in his pyjamas writing”. But the pyjama guy turned out to be right.
Mr Rather's retirement epitomises two broader shifts of power. First, the old media are losing power to the new. And, second, the liberal media establishment is losing power to a more diverse cacophony of new voices.
...The bloggers have often been at their most devastating when they have been criticising the old media for bias. Their favourite target has long been the New York Times, where they helped to remove the paper's previous editor, Howell Raines. But CBS is also a juicy target. Why, the bloggers are now demanding, is Mr Rather being allowed to keep a full-time job working for “60 Minutes”, the very programme whose reputation he has besmirched? “This is not a victory,” proclaims, before declaring its intention to keep attacking CBS.

As is said, read the whole thing.


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