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Friday, November 12, 2004

I Do

From the Llamabutchers, to the Redhead we come to Veiled Conceit, a brilliant new blog that takes on the New York Times wedding announcements! Jeez Louise, pretty soon even their weather reports are gonna get shredded by the great unwashed masses! Sample snip:

Laundry-room Lothario
Witness the insatiable passion of Gilberto:

One August morning in 2001, I entered my apartment building and noticed a woman with an hourglass figure and extraordinary curling locks of red hair, Mr. Tollinchi said.

How timeless. His words have captured the female form at a moment when it defies all classification, refusing to be bent by trend or whimsy, likely the very vision that has captivated poets since time began. Then he fucks it all up by finishing

But he could not get a look at her face, he added, because it was "sheltered by outsize Gucci sunglasses."


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