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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Jonathan Last Takes Off the Tin Hat

Powerline led me to a good article by Last in the Daily Standard, "Saving John Kerry." It's a step away from the coming irrelevance of the Democratic party, should they as a body start trending in this calm, even keeled direction. While I may be a hardcore Repub I do not wish for the demise of the Demos, but I have little hope for them should they continue along their current lines. Attempting to make their loses about gay marriage or ignorant Southern crackers or Jesusland or any of the rest of what passes for "thought" amongst the party to date will surely be their eventual death knell as it is simply not true.

Here in Portlandia among the many Demo/libs I know there was palpable hatred of Bush pre-election. That's all fine and dandy except for the fact that not one of the haters could articulate WHY they hated him. There were lots of rumblings about "lies" and "fascism," but like any house of cards, these bullshit lines fell apart when we got specific. Taking as a defining article of faith "facts" that are not real leads inevitably to a weak hand, and baseless beliefs. Now the pre-election hate has transferred to the manic "blame anyone else" tactic seen broadly across the national Demo scene. What has been consistently lacking in my interactions with the Demo/lib crowd has been an iota of introspection or desire to clean up or at least clarify their own party.

In 1992, after the Pat Buchanan values speech at the Repub convention, I had to take a hard look at the party I belonged to, and their seeming dislike of me as a weirdo first and gay too boot. That led to my bailing on Bush the elder and voting Perot, embarrassing though that may be to admit. But when I saw my party adrift I, like many other disaffected Repubs, took action within my own party. Never was it my desire to look elsewhere for a solution-- It wouldn't even occur to me.

I think what we are seeing is historical in that it is a major, major turning point for the Demos. They have to start the oftimes painful process of growing up. I certainly don't see a lot of desire toward doing the hard work on the ground here in Portland, but at least Last is trying to head the Demos in the right direction. Bravo for him.


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