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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Let's See...

Nancy "Goat" Pelosi is running around decrying the Repubs dismantling a rule regarding (fakely) indicted leaders stepping down, a rule the Demos have NEVER HAD FOR THEMSELVES.
We have "Florida was stolen, part deux."
And I am getting emails such as this:
Nixon was impeached. He was not removed from office (by the process), neither was Bill Clinton.
Andrew Johnson was the only President impeached and removed from office.

When I gently noted (using the very link the emailer had sent to "support" his contention) the fact that old Tricky was in fact NOT impeached I got yet another email directing me to some online dictionary, with an admonishment that I look up "impeachement" as I was CLEARLY too stupid to get it...

Has anyone on the left not lost their mind?

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