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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Liberal Protectors

I recently had an emaile exchange with a liberal pal of mine which brought up the greater question of the meaning of modern liberalism and their intentions vs their results:

From my pal:...You choose to enjoy the lifestyle the "liberals" protect for you but you spit upon it. Try dallying with your Mexi friend in the Midwest and see how you are accepted by the populace. Your hypocrisy flies here due to the tolerance of "liberal" and I would say, rational thought but don't try it elsewhere.

My response:...As to any Liberal or Demo "protecting" my rights to be a freak, or more specifically a homo freak, let me offer you this opinion: On the gay rights scene anyone can see that acceptance of "alternative lifestyles" has grown enormously all across America (Try finding a sitcom without a gay character). A recent poll I saw said that "civil unions" were acceptable everywhere the poll was taken by a comfortable majority. Contrary to your OPINION about homosexual acceptance, I have never in my life been denied anything, bullied or hassled because of my sexuality.
However, by attempting to force the gay marriage thing down the collective throat of any community, libs and Demos brought the fight onto themselves--and gays -- and lost. They surely alienated a large portion of the population with their utter disregard for the masses feelings, opinions and tolerance by trying to do this via the courts (Massachusetts, Oregon, et alia) rather than permitting it to go to a vote (every single one of the 11 states that had gay marriage on the ballot it got there via Repub activism against judicial activism). Demo politicians have surely changed middle America's view of gays as just some folks with good taste and weird habits to anti-tradition threats. Demo politicians--via an activist judiciary-- forcing their views of how things should be, and taking an approach of blunt force rather than plurality vote, angers people.
By using gays and gay marriage as part of a social agenda, Demos have created the opportunity for a real and forceful backlash against the many real gains homos have made. When and if this backlash manifests itself I will not look at that as homophobia so much as I will look at it as the price paid--by others--for the attempts at social engineering by Demos. If you have actual, real life examples of Demos or Libs "protecting" my rights I would love to see 'em. Until then, sorry but I see libreralism as vastly more a threat to my standard of living.

Set aside that I am being lectured on gayness by a heterosexual fellow, more to the point it is, to me, specifically this form of elitist, "we know better" thinking that is killing the Demo party. More later, I gotta go to work.


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