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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Loving Hate

What's with all this hatin' hate lately? First there's all the hub-bub over the Pacers/Pistons game, which frankly is the first time I have ever found basketball fun exciting watchable. And then this:

You know the kind of guy we mean, dear reader: Drowning in Abercrombie & Fitch gear, the frat guy is a full-time acquaintance-rapist who is moonlighting as a student. (Or should we say daylighting as a student?) In general, the frat guy has the brainpower of the average mollusk. Yet, unlike a mollusk, the frat guy does not have a soft unsegmented body that is usually enclosed in a calcareous shell. The idiot.

With stuff like this, how could anyone hate the brilliant works of The Hatemonger's Quarterly?
Now it's "Bad Girls" on Cops, so I'm out...Image Hosted by The Image Hosting


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