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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Outrage of the Day

Protest suits cost city $300,000
Portland is preparing to pay 12 people who say they were injured during dissent against President Bush and the Iraq war. The city of Portland is poised to pay a $300,000 settlement to 12 people who claimed police used excessive force against them during the protest of President Bush's visit to Portland in August 2002 or two anti-war marches in March 2003.

That's right, Portland is essentially paying protestors now. One would think that, oh, throwing yourself in front of police, screaming, ranting and acting like a maniac MIGHT be mitigating factors, but not here in rainy Portland, Or! Per the norm, the protestors are claiming "excessive force," and the fact that they created the situation is a non-factor. Gee, I went down to watch a couple of these protests and I managed to NOT get pepper-sprayed, smacked in the noggin or "beaten." Guess I should have tried harder, I could use the extra $$.


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