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Friday, November 12, 2004

Peru's Gay Army

We are all very relieved by this:

LIMA (AFP) - Peru's constitutional court has granted gays in the military the freedom to have sex, declaring that a rule which had deemed such relations illegal was unconstitutional.
The army's rule had stipulated that military personnel could not engage in sexual relations with persons of the same sex either within or outside their barracks.
But constitutional court official Samuel Abad dubbed that rule "completely discriminatory."
Gays in the armed forces had been subject to expulsion or prison sentences if they engaged in homosexual relations, even outside their barracks, under a rule that Aldo Araujo of Lima's Homosexual Movement gay rights group declared "a violation of people's right to privacy."

Phheww. I was concerned that our Peruvian gay soldier pals were being oppressed by evil GOP bastards. Thank GOD they are so advanced down there in Peruland.


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