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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Robot Day

Yes, all hail, today is ROBOT DAY. In honor of the knee-jerk, blame everyone else, "there is no mandate" blather and uselessness of the Demos I see, hear and read, today is our semiannual Robot Day. Without the unifying force of an election, local Demos are left adrift, forced to try to think for themselves. In Portlandia on the Willamette we know what that means-- street theater from some and pathetic whining from others. Certainly amongst the Demos I know and love there has been ZERO sign of self-reflection, contemplation or remorse. One and all, like nice robots sadly miswired, they look sad, rant & rave and blame everyone and anything but themselves and their party for yet another loss nationally. Hopefully, in a more enlightened land, Democrats are doing the serious work that need be done to rebuild their party and find a true message.

Bob Shrum and I hit the town


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